Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Atelier Inspiration Board: What Makes My Heart Smile Today.

 My Inspiration Board is usually a mixture of swatches selected for the new designs, images that has touched me, remembrances of places I have visited just yesterday, letters from those who inspire me, colors that make my heart smile. :-)
 Red satin pointe shoes I have received from one of the dancers of Mariinski Theater in Russia,  a note from Tolentino, endless swatches, unique glass beads, french gold lace, images from Dior jewelry catalogue.
 This, by the way, is the picture of my Alter Ego. Yes, that's right! Miss Piggy and she is fabulous!
 From the works of Diego Velasquez to old photographs from the era long gone, a post card from my beautiful best friend, giant silk flower I brought from my last visit to Legeron, the letter from Guy Morse-Brown sent to me with the spectacular new block I have designed for one of the hats of "Moskovita"...if I am feeling a bit down all I need to do is to stop by my Inspiration board. A little reminder of how lucky I really am to be able to do what I love the most an be surrounded by talented, genuine souls whose support I feel every step of the way. If there is such thing as professional happiness than I think it feels like this. :-)
 With inspiration points constantly adding, I keep attaching new little reminders . I am wondering what inspires you today? Wishing everyone fantastic week ahead , it is Tuesday and means Atelier is in full production with the final week of the April Session for my students. I have a full room of brilliant and I really mean it BRILLIANT! people. :-)


Jan said...

Miss Piggy? Really?
Hadn't envisaged that Anya.

lorenabr said...

your board is wonderful :) very interesting

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Hello Dearest Anya!
Such lovely things to inspire you....thank you for sharing them with us!

Wishing you a beautiful and creative rest of your day,