Friday, April 13, 2012

Atelier Life: Flowerettes.

 "Flowerettes" is a term I use to describe smaller hats that carry strong floral motive. :-)  This Flowerettes were designed in my Atelier: the one on the right (in white and green) for one of my clients for a Spring Tea Party, the second "Frida"was designed to accommodate Vogue's request for a floral headpiece in vivid, bright colors.
 I often get asked to provide more images of the production process, with step by step shots of how the hat is actually created and I always respond with "no". There are two reasons for it. #1 Aesthetics. To me my Blog became more than a Blog. It is now my professional diary where I document not only inspiration points, editorials with my hats and carefully record the progression of my work from the day I have opened my Atelier. It is also a very strong visual project where the aim is always to see the final result, a part where each hat comes to life. The most precious moment!
 #2. To be honest: hat production, generally, is not a very attractive process: it involves a mixture of all things undone: raw cuts, stitch lines, adhesive, steaming...often frustration, uncertainty of the design in the early stages (when the hat leads you to its creation, but you as a milliner, do not have any idea yet of what the hat will become) especially so when it comes to the complex hats. Complex hats, since I am working on many of them currently for my "Moskovita" production, are what I now call "deviation territory" - when the density of the design is felt every step of the way with constant changes applied to the original idea. This process is very intense and intimate and, in my opinion, has to be left behind the scenes as a secret between you and the hat. Think of it as of a very sensitive beauty that agrees to be photographed only when she knows that she looks her best. This is my philosophy.
 Both Flowerettes are made out of silk and finished with vintage French veils, all by hand, of course, not a single sewing machine line. I look at them and my heart smiles and I feel that Spring is, finally, here. I am wishing you wonderful weekend and looking forward to Saturday and Sunday of intense production for the extraordinary  Event I am planning to write extensively about over the span of three posts (if not more) :-)))


lorenabr said...

WoW they look amazing :) well done!

VM Creation Atelier said...


До чего же они восхитительны...................И как хороши!!! Ваши прекрасные ´´Flowerettes´´:-)*

Абсолютно согласна с Вашим замечанием по поводу процесса работы,потомучто окончательный результат- это всегда затаив дыхание ожидать что же произойдет...каков он,тот самый неожиданный контакт между дизайнером и его "детищем"!
Просто неописуемо интересно и волнительно видеть окончателный результат,чуствовать ту самую связь!

Эти чудесные маленькие произведения исскусства,Аня дышат,живут,это просто ЧУДО!!!

С любовью,восторгом и огромным уважением,

Ваша Виолетта:-)*

Art-fash said...

Anya you wonder! Beautiful spring to you! Hello from Russia

Lee Duncan is HatStruck said...

These are, as always, so beautiful, Anya...and I agree.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

I agree with your non-sharing of the creative process. Love your flowerettes.