Friday, April 20, 2012

My Interview For HATalk Magazine: On Creating The Collection.

 I am so very excited to see one of my hats on the cover of  74Th Issue of  HATtalk Magazine along with the Interview on the subject of "Creating The Collection". I have to admit: I have a soft spot for HATtalk: there are several magazines dedicated to everything that is Millinery but number one must read for me personally is always  HATtalk. I think of it is a boutique-like magazine filled with helpful information, news in Millinery, fantastic interviews, gorgeous hats. The 74Th Issue of HATtalk also contains fantastic interview with Stephen Jones, very insightful and honest. I recommend it to everyone who is in business of creating hats, really enjoyed it.
 If you a a milliner or a millinery student I also recommend subscribing to HATalk. Perfect time since HATtalk is running a special subscription campaign. You can always visit HATtalk by simply going to or finding them on Facebook. :-)))
 I, of course, can talk about hats for hours on end. :-) It is early morning here and I am still recovering from what was an amazing evening with some of the hats of my newest Collection being a stars of a very special event in Manhattan. Now that the pictures has been taken, I will  be introducing you to the new designs and inspirations behind each design I completed for "Moskovita". Have a very hatty weekend everyone!


lorenabr said...

Congrats on the interview! Very cool!

VM Creation Atelier said...

Good day,my dearest friend Anya!

HOW very excited indeed to see your gorgeous creations in this magazine and read there an intervieuw with you!
Because you can share with all professionals and students wich who are working on a hat creations about your wonderful expiriences and maybe also about your little secrets.....................
It´s mostly important: great important little details:-)))*

Much Love and very special sunny week ahead!

Always yours,