Tuesday, April 3, 2012


 With love from my Atelier comes this little hat as a result of an inspiration from the extravagance of Baroque style. Made out of Chantilly lace and heavily embroidered with sequins,seed beads, multiple sized pearls and Swarovski crystals. The term Baroque was derived from a Portuguese word meaning "a pearl of irregular shape" and so I made it a special point to use as many irregular shaped pearls as possible.
 When I look at this perfect example of Baroque, I immediately get inspired: paintings, architecture, music - all have such an amazing impact on my imagination.Great splendor, rich ornamentation, endless pallet of color, vastness of proportion - all are so overwhelming with detail, I often find myself lost in trying to capture every single line.
 I hope you all are having fantastic week. Mine is very intense, almost like Baroque painting, at times overwhelming, but I truly enjoy every single minute of it.:-))) Tonight I got entire quite hour to myself. I feel almost rich! What a wonderful evening to spend over the rare collection of books I have received from Hermitage museum very recently. Such a treasure and such a tremendous help in my research for new Collection "Moskovita".


lorenabr said...

I know how you feel :) Wonderful love baroque it's such an inspiration :) lovely design as always

VM Creation Atelier said...


Stil ´´Barocco´´ eto odin iz samix sloznix i bezymno vosxititelnix stilej v iskysstve..............
Ne xvatit nikakix slov,chtobi opisat vse samie visokie,blistatelnie oshyshenija,voznikaiushie pri vozmoznosti vzglianyt na shedevri isskysstva ´´Barocco´´!

BOJE...............kakaja velikolepnaja ´´jemchyzinka´´ poajavilas na etom foto-Vasha novaja kreazia:-)))*
Glaz ne mogy otvesti ot zvetovoj gammi i sochetanija straz,kryzeva...........i prosto vosxititelnoj kombinazii vsex deatlejv Vashej novoj shliapke,Anya!!!

Obnimaiu Vas mislenno i zelaju chydesnix vixodnix:-)*

S liuboviu,i iskrennim yvazeniem,
Vasha Violetta:-)*