Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sneak Peek: "Moskovita". On Production of The "Faberge" Hat.

 Usually I never ever reveal the images of the production process but today I have decided to make an exception and give you a sneak peek into creation of one very special hat - "Faberge". Inspired by the House Of Romanoffs and the glory of the Russian Imperial Court before the Revolution of 1917. Extensive research went onto creation of this hat, starting from reading almost the entire encyclopedia on the history of Faberge.  
 Once I drew preliminary drawings of the Hat and had a clear idea on direction, I started to design the block , which took me almost 2 weeks to complete simply because I wanted to make sure that the proportions are exactly how I need them to be. I then sent my drawings and calculations to Britain and three weeks later I have received the box with the most beautiful hat block I have ever seen ( you will have a chance to see the block in the documentary which will be released in the Fall). From that point on, I spent more days than I can remember on finalizing the exterior details of the hat. Trying different approaches: gold embroidery, beading, gold lace, carefully measuring and creating medallions (the process you see here), changing location of the elements on the body of "Faberge", adding new elements... I completely lost myself in this hat. :-)You would have to wait until this Friday to meet "Faberge" :-)
 Another thing I never ever do is releasing the designs for the new Collection before the entire Collection is completed. This time is very different. "Faberge" along with another three hats will be presented at The Russian Nobility Ball in May and it means you will get to meet all three much sooner. :-)
Such an incredible honour to be personally invited to present several hats during the Russian Spring Ball organised by Russian Nobility Association under the Royal Patronage of Prince Michael of Yugoslavia, under the gracious patronage of Prince and Princess Nicholas Romanoff, Prince and Princess Dimitry Romanoff, Prince and Princess Andrew Romanoff, Princess Nikita Romanoff, Princess Alexander Romanoff, at The Pierre Hotel in New York.. Not only an honour but I feel like it is almost a homecoming to me in a sense. I look back at my very first post, dated June 3rd of 2009 (right here) with which I started this Blog and realize that I am now at the gate of the House that once inspired me to become what I am today. A Modiste.


David Toms said...

Dearest Anya,

Waht a wonderful insight into the creation of one of your fabulous hats. I am so glad that you have decided to show us a work in progress! I have always been completely in awe of the wonderful creations of Faberge and also am a Romanov buff, so cannot wait to see the finished product!


VM Creation Atelier said...

Dear,dear Anya!

I trilled for this moment,to be able to see your ´´Faberge´´design hat..................
Such unbelievebly nice and rich colors,stones and all materials you choose for!!!

Yes,I can understand your feelings by VERY,VERY good:-)*


Such beyond great honnour and one of the most wonderful moments for you to be personaly inveted for the Russian Spring Ball.............

Your creations looks SOooooooooooooooo amazing,I think no I didn't!
I know it for very sure!!!
Your designs there would be a beautiful pearls and very gracious additions to the Russian Spring Ball!

My very deep and warm heartbeating to you,dear Anya:-)*

Much Love,

lorenabr said...

I love the pink! can't wait to see the end result! :)

chief princess said...

Very appreciative of your fabulous insight. Thank you for sharing.

chief princess said...

Thank you for providing a sneak peak into your world. I can't wait to see the finished chapeau.