Friday, May 25, 2012

My Hat In Editorial For V-Men Magazine. "See No Evil..." Male Version.

 It is always a thrill to see one of my hats being featured as a part of an editorial story.The best thing about it is that I never know what the story will actually look like and what the story will be about. This time, when stylist Kevin Wu, who did such an amazing job on another publication named "DEP" with my hat, sent me this editorial for V-Men magazine, I could not stop looking at the male model wearing my hat "See No Evil".The story is entitled "Three" and is about love triangle, photographed by brilliant An Le. This is the first "male" editorial for me and the story itself is beautifully told in dark,slightly foggy images.
And who would have thought that this particular, very difficult to digest hat 'See No Evil..." will have its shining moment after all?I am a huge fan of the photographer An Le: she has very unique approach to each editorial and it always comes out so beautifully done and always so unusual!
 I have been very blessed this year with requests from so many magazines, stylists and photographers. I call it "blind collaboration" - my favorite kind: when you sent requested hats in and wait in anticipation what the result would look like, what setting this hat would be resented in....Always amazing..I mean the perception of visionaries like An Le on how your design should be used.
I am wishing all of you fantastic weekend, with only several days to go before my June Session will kick in, new Collection in production, exciting events for September in planning, I have gazillion things to do! I woke up today with the overwhelming feeling of pure happiness.:-)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hat Happenings From Around The World. Part 2.

In preparations for Diamond Jubilee celebrations to commemorate Queen Elizabeth 2's 60 years on the British throne designers have been asked to create their version of the Queen's crown to be displayed in Harrods. This is just one of many many celebratory moments leading to grand finale of Royal Celebration that the entire world will be treated this Summer. In the words of Vogue: "It will be bigger than President Obama's 2011 state visit, bigger even than last years Royal Wedding." So, today, I thought, it would be a great idea to post all beautiful crowns displayed in Harrods. The top Crown has been designed by Lanvin.
Crown designed by Boucheron
Crown designed by Bulgari
Crown designed by De Beers
Crown designed by Escada.
Crown designed by Jo Malone.
Crown designed by Mikimoto.
Crown Designed by Theo Fennell.
Crown designed by Mullbery.
Crown designed by Paul Smith.
Crown designed by Roberto Cavalli.
Crown designed by Salvatore Ferragamo.
Crown Designed by Tiffany & Co.
Crown designed by Valentino. I wonder which one did you like the mots?:-) My top three favorites is crown by Lanvin, crown by Cavalli and crown by Theo Fennell in delicious shade of hot pink.
Even though this year's MET Gala guests opted for significantly more head pieces and hats than ever before it was still not enough, in my opinion,considering that exhibition itself features the work of legendary Elsa Schiaparelli. Those who chose to wear head pieces and hats, treated us to a fabulous selection of very strong statement pieces (well, just what Elsa herself would prefer ).To me Karolina Kurkova in this impossible liquid gold gown paired with the gold turban is sublime vision. Both the gown and the hat was designed by Rachel Zoe .
Stunning all the way around!
Italian Vogue's Franca Sozzani chose this very light butterfly piece by Philip Treacy I suspect. No one does butterflies like Mr.Treacy. :-)
Giovanna Battaglia wore this Dolce&Gabbana ,very reminiscent of Frida Kahlo gown and beautiful floral crown.
Marpessa Hennick chose black and tulle with gold butterfly head piece for her black and white Chanel.
Finally, Linda Fargo wearing Naeem Khan has absolutely stole my heart - such an amazing, very unique, high fashion approach to the evening full of gowns that no longer surprise...Wishing everyone great week, to me this entire week is all about New York and of course hats!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Hat Happenings From Around The World.Part 1.

 With so many hats happenings around the world, I thought it would be a great idea to blog about the most favorite of them. The cover of much anticipated book "Couture Hats" from the outrageous to the refined by Louis Bou published by Monsa Barcelona in Spain and Harper Collins publishing house has been released and will become available in June (in Spanish) and September (in English). The official synopses of the book read: "From the hats at the Royal Wedding to the latest Fashion Week debuts to the unforgettable ones features at the Alexander McQueen Exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, "Couture Hats", a gorgeously designed book with a forward written by Stephen Jones, showcases the most stunning head wear worn today and gives an inside look at the lives of Haute couture milliners and designers who made them." I am so excited about this publication and can not wait to receive it since it is such a thrill to be included in the book with the most recognized names in Millinery. Thank you, Monsa Barcelona and Louis Bou for making me a part of it!
 You all probably know by now that Royal Ascot in UK has applied new rules to the dress code this year altering what is appropriate from the hat styles to the length of the skirts. In attempt to set a great example of what is viewed as guide line for the beloved event Racecourse has released a series of absolutely stunning photographs for it's official 2012 Campaign. Here you see one of them with the hat created by Mr. Stephen Jones. Absolutely breathtaking! For more information on the rules and more beautiful pictures click right HERE.
 Ireland's top milliners are also having a moment! I LOVE the work of Irish milliners Martha Lynn, John Shevlin, Linda McKay, Edel Ramberg, Lina Stein and Kate Betts. My hat is off to you, guys: what an amazing job and wonderful, inspiring hats. I highly advise to everyone who is interested in what goes into the process behind creation of spectacular head wear click right HERE.
 Another fantastic event just came to an end. I am talking about competition which was announced by Dillon Wallwork and HATalk e-magazine in honour of Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee. It was an amazing sight to behold with so many talent coming together in a single attempt to win the competition. I was so very proud to see the work of my former students submitted for this very tough competition. :-) The winners have been announced. Congratulations to the top three winners - Vlad Straticiuc.
 Congratulations to Marie Hennessey Halewood.
 Congratulations to the third winner Jill Humphries. Well done and well deserved!
Another attention worthy head gear competition announced by Talenthouse is currently accepting submissions for the right to create highly conceptual, futuristic head piece for "Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs." ( T.E.E.D.), Orlando is known for his music collaborations with Lady GaGa. Great challenge for those who loves to experiment with shape and form. To see more info on this competition click right HERE. Can not wait to see all submissions for this challenge. With this I am wishing all of you beautiful weekend and have a very hatty Friday!:-)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Counting Blessings. :-)

With beautiful  Russian Nobility Ball behind and while my photographer is still working on the images from the event, I thought I would write this Tuesday post about very special people in my life and tell them (although I do it often and with great pleasure) how much I cherish and appreciate their presence. I think it is one of the most precious things to have this internal  understanding that you are surrounded by love..I've always felt it, but even more so I have felt it last Friday, long before the Ball, in The Pierre Hotel where my team and I were prepping models, fitting models, stressing a bit and ended up having a party of our own with caviar, wine, taking funny pictures, meeting new people and having so much fun!!! So grateful to my very close friend Leonid Gurevich who created spectacular dress for the model who wore "Black Swan" hat and one more gown for me. I felt beautiful in it.:-) I am grateful to my beautiful friend Marina for her endless support and encouragement, To Gene, my photographer during the event who was almost like a shadow but whose presence we all felt. :-) My phenomenal models: Elmira, Vera, Olga, Anastasia for doing such an amazing job and even encouraging me when I felt just a bit uncertain. My friend and make up artist Fabiola who has done, once again, such an amazing job with models. My wonderful friend and photographer Ed Hafizov who, unfortunately, had to be in California, but who has managed to coordinate absolutely everything from hundreds of miles away.My husband Ray who is often so overly protective of me trying to guard against any negative presence in my life and my daughter Anastasia, who is still my number1 fan. :-) I am the luckiest girl in the world for having all of this people by my side: who always give 150% of themselves and their time, who have no hidden agendas, who are so brilliantly talented in their own right , to whom I can reach out any time day or night,with anything at all and who make my life such a beautiful journey. :-) So, yes, I am counting my blessings. :-)

Friday, May 11, 2012

"Petergóf" .

 This hat for my "Moskovita" Collection has been inspired by one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to: Petergóf in St. Petersburg, Russia. In translation from German Petergóf means Peter's Court and consists of the series of palaces and gardens built for Peter The Great.  I think it is even more beautiful and grand than Versailles in France. Magnificent place!
 Giant  flower in ombre pink made out of silk, wrapped in web-thin silk organza and embroidered with french silver lace, crystals and crystal lace - all in combination of dove grey with just a hint of blues and shaded pinks. It is so delicate and so overwhelmingly beautiful, it became everyone's favorite during our trial run presentation for Russian Nobility Association in April.
 These pictures were taking during the fitting of the models and it was decided that "Petergóf" hat must be worn with hand painted silk caftan by Roberto Cavalli and scarlet velvet shoes by Guiseppe Zanotti. Our model Anastasia told us that she felt like the most beautiful flower in the world. :-)
 Today is day of the Russian Nobility Ball which will be held in the legendary The Pierre Hotel in New York. So much thought and preparation went into the planning of the presentation there ever since I have been invited to be a part of it. It is a very special day for me and I can not believe it is here! I will share my experience with you next week, until than wish me luck! :-)))
Have a wonderful weekend everybody!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Interview For XOXO Turkey, May 2012 Issue.

It is always thrilling to receive a request for an interview, especially so if it comes from the exotic country like Turkey. I have a  soft spot for this Country: I love the beauty of it and I have so many friends from Turkey! So, when I received request for the Interview from XOXO , I of course, said "yes". It always makes me happy when editors refer to my very first Collection, now, four years later, I find that is is still very relevant: I still receive many orders for many of the designs from "Je Ne Regrette Rien" and the images of this Collection done by the one and only Ed Hafizov are frequently requested to illustrate the topic of hat. :-)So, thank you XOXO Turkey for having me in you Magazine!
I will keep it very short today since I have a difficult day ahead of me. I am wishing all wonderful Tuesday and hoping that the sun will, finally, show up.:-)

Friday, May 4, 2012

The "Boyarynya" Hat. In Preparation For The Russian Nobility Ball In New York.

 Another hat of the new Collection "Moskovita" and the hat that was also selected for The Russian Nobility Ball is the hat I named "Boyarynya". This hat is one of the variation of Kokoshnik- Russian traditional head gear. I wrote an article dedicated to the subject of Kokoshniks a while ago (here) but the work on this particular hat proved to be much more  involved and tedious than I could have ever imagined.
 I wanted to incorporate so-called "nesting" element into the design of "Boyarynya" - the element that you see in Russian nesting doll "Matryoshka". To achieve it, I had to create a mock up version to make sure that all calculations are correct and there will be no problem with proportions. I have to say that this hat is even more beautiful in person. "Boyarynya" loves the light! It seems she comes to life with million sparkles .
 It was photographed in one of the New York's boutique hotels just before the kick-off party for The Russian Nobility Ball. My tribute to the glory of Russian Noble History and as an expression of my love for the country where I was born.
 It was a very challenging and demanding hat to create, but as you know, I love a good millinery challenge! Very proud with the result and I hope you will love  it as much as I loved working with it. :-)))