Friday, May 18, 2012

Hat Happenings From Around The World.Part 1.

 With so many hats happenings around the world, I thought it would be a great idea to blog about the most favorite of them. The cover of much anticipated book "Couture Hats" from the outrageous to the refined by Louis Bou published by Monsa Barcelona in Spain and Harper Collins publishing house has been released and will become available in June (in Spanish) and September (in English). The official synopses of the book read: "From the hats at the Royal Wedding to the latest Fashion Week debuts to the unforgettable ones features at the Alexander McQueen Exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, "Couture Hats", a gorgeously designed book with a forward written by Stephen Jones, showcases the most stunning head wear worn today and gives an inside look at the lives of Haute couture milliners and designers who made them." I am so excited about this publication and can not wait to receive it since it is such a thrill to be included in the book with the most recognized names in Millinery. Thank you, Monsa Barcelona and Louis Bou for making me a part of it!
 You all probably know by now that Royal Ascot in UK has applied new rules to the dress code this year altering what is appropriate from the hat styles to the length of the skirts. In attempt to set a great example of what is viewed as guide line for the beloved event Racecourse has released a series of absolutely stunning photographs for it's official 2012 Campaign. Here you see one of them with the hat created by Mr. Stephen Jones. Absolutely breathtaking! For more information on the rules and more beautiful pictures click right HERE.
 Ireland's top milliners are also having a moment! I LOVE the work of Irish milliners Martha Lynn, John Shevlin, Linda McKay, Edel Ramberg, Lina Stein and Kate Betts. My hat is off to you, guys: what an amazing job and wonderful, inspiring hats. I highly advise to everyone who is interested in what goes into the process behind creation of spectacular head wear click right HERE.
 Another fantastic event just came to an end. I am talking about competition which was announced by Dillon Wallwork and HATalk e-magazine in honour of Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee. It was an amazing sight to behold with so many talent coming together in a single attempt to win the competition. I was so very proud to see the work of my former students submitted for this very tough competition. :-) The winners have been announced. Congratulations to the top three winners - Vlad Straticiuc.
 Congratulations to Marie Hennessey Halewood.
 Congratulations to the third winner Jill Humphries. Well done and well deserved!
Another attention worthy head gear competition announced by Talenthouse is currently accepting submissions for the right to create highly conceptual, futuristic head piece for "Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs." ( T.E.E.D.), Orlando is known for his music collaborations with Lady GaGa. Great challenge for those who loves to experiment with shape and form. To see more info on this competition click right HERE. Can not wait to see all submissions for this challenge. With this I am wishing all of you beautiful weekend and have a very hatty Friday!:-)


VM Creation Atelier said...


Thank you so much for share all these creations from the world of Millinery....

Hats and ideas of Martha Linn is realy stunning and very talented!

And Oh,my Godness! HOW fantastic is this book with just unbelievebly nice images!!!
Realy amazing and SOoooooooooooooo sophisticated!

Much Love,
Always yours,

Kathleen Lisson said...

So much information in this post. I positively adore the hats in the Ascot primer photoshoot.