Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Hats Of Bill Cunningham.

 Before Bill Cunningham was the iconic New York Times, Fashion and Society photographer, he was an established avant-garde milliner. A Milliner who called himself William J., he did not use his last name deliberately trying not to upset his parents. Several days ago Katy Jane presented a definitive capsule Collection of hats created by Bill Cunningham back in 1950s. All hats were sold exclusively on 1stdibs and the entire Collection has been bought by a single person for $20,000. The name of the buyer remains anonymous. It is only known that the buyer has plans to donate all hats by William J. to one of the New York City Museums. What a generous soul!
 I am a great fan of Bill Cunningham, met him several times and have been photographed by him. :-) Feel so lucky to see his actual work as a milliner and realize that we are colleagues. I find Bill's hats to be so imaginative, delicate, elegant - a pleasure to see and  I wish I could try one on! I thought I would post the images of the entire Collection in this post and let you decide which one of Bill's hats is your favorite. :-) 
 Wishing everyone wonderful day. :-) It is raining here and I absolutely love it! What a perfect day to spent in Atelier. :-)

All images are caurtesy of 1stdibs and Katy Jane and Albie Walton.


Lauren said...

The first hat is absolutely breathtaking! I also love the simple, buxom cream hat as well!

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

William J. rocked! I wonder if he was self taught since he didn't disclose his millinery abilities to his family.

John Frantsen said...

It´s all about structure and silhouettes. Absolutely fabulous post. Thanks for sharing this.

VM Creation Atelier said...


They are ALL magnificent,really!

I like that one in the lightly creme-green color,absolutely talented made and completely special folded:-)))*
Generously nice work!

And,how is it very good expressed: ''it's all about structure and silhouttes''.............!!!

Much LOVE,