Friday, May 25, 2012

My Hat In Editorial For V-Men Magazine. "See No Evil..." Male Version.

 It is always a thrill to see one of my hats being featured as a part of an editorial story.The best thing about it is that I never know what the story will actually look like and what the story will be about. This time, when stylist Kevin Wu, who did such an amazing job on another publication named "DEP" with my hat, sent me this editorial for V-Men magazine, I could not stop looking at the male model wearing my hat "See No Evil".The story is entitled "Three" and is about love triangle, photographed by brilliant An Le. This is the first "male" editorial for me and the story itself is beautifully told in dark,slightly foggy images.
And who would have thought that this particular, very difficult to digest hat 'See No Evil..." will have its shining moment after all?I am a huge fan of the photographer An Le: she has very unique approach to each editorial and it always comes out so beautifully done and always so unusual!
 I have been very blessed this year with requests from so many magazines, stylists and photographers. I call it "blind collaboration" - my favorite kind: when you sent requested hats in and wait in anticipation what the result would look like, what setting this hat would be resented in....Always amazing..I mean the perception of visionaries like An Le on how your design should be used.
I am wishing all of you fantastic weekend, with only several days to go before my June Session will kick in, new Collection in production, exciting events for September in planning, I have gazillion things to do! I woke up today with the overwhelming feeling of pure happiness.:-)


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The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Very provocative and beautiful!!! And what an original use of your gorgeous hat!!!


lorenabr said...

Congrats! Love the blog header by the way! :)

VM Creation Atelier said...


Дочего же восхитително и просто супер великолепно,Ваш дизайн,Ваша неповторимо грустная и необикновенно красивая работа в етой едитироал!!!
Поздравлияю Вас и неизмеримо радуюсь за Вас:-)))*

Когда много работы,да еше такой безумно волнительной,творческой и интересной-это так хорошо!!!

Желаю Вам чудесных выходных,

Мысленно обнимаю вас,
Ваша Виолетта:-)*