Friday, June 1, 2012

Its a Ball! Russian Nobility Ball in Detail.

Today I am posting images from the Russian Nobility Ball I have been invited to attend back  in May. Beautiful event left me inspired with new designs for my new Collection - we had such an amazing time being a part of it, tones of fun! Since the Ball have been receiving many calls from the guests of the Ball to place their order for hats and with compliments to the has that were presented during the Ball. I kept very busy past two weeks trying to finish everything by the beginning of my June Session. This time, I have students travelling from Russia - they have arrived just two days ago, from Japan - arrived yesterday, Taiwan and from three glorious states of the US. Very excited and will post about once the Sessions will be over, but today is all about the Ball! The opening picture is a perfect example of the mood we were all in. :-). My model Anastasia is wearing "Petergof" hat, Cavalli watercolor caftan and Zanotti velvet pumps.
My daughter Anastasia in her beautiful red gown waiting for the models to be ready. :-)
My model Elmira wearing the "Boyarynya" hat, Antonio Berrardi Dress and YSL pumps just before the event.

My dear friend and super talented designer Leonid Gurevich is holding "Black Swan" hat just before fitting it to the model Vera. Leonid custom designed the dress for our model who wore "Black Swan". The dress was amazing, very dramatic, extraordinarily detailed - when Vera put it on I thin the entire room stopped breathing including me. :-)

Vera is fitting the gown by Leonid Gurevich and the hat "Black Swan" by my Atelier - Once the hat was put on Vera became the tallest creature in the Universe measuring at almost 8.5 ft. On the background is absolutely fantastic make up Artist Lucia Fabiola who worked on the models and did such a phenomenal job! Thank you Lucia!:-)
I am so grateful to my very talented team of people who have helped me during the event. :-) If you are looking through this post and see a picture of yourself and would like me to give credit to your name, please, do not hesitate to leave a comment. Photographs used for this post were done by our photographer Gene and independent photographer Sergei Zhukov and since one picture worth million of words, I am leaving you with the images of the event. Wishing all of you beautiful weekend!:-)
Models wearing "Petergof" and "Boyarynya" Hat during the event. :-)
Vera is wearing spectacular gown by Leonid Gurevich and, of course, "Black Swan".
My beautiful model Olga in "Imperial Faberge" hat.

My friends Leon Gurevich and his wonderful sister Marina - thank you, guys! You were amazing!!!

My daughter Anastasia who just turned 17 yesterday!


lorenabr said...

Your designs are amazing!I love them all but my fav is the one with the rose!

Congrats on the collection!

chief princess said...

What Fun! Thank you for sharing the event with us.

VM Creation Atelier said...

Hello,dearest Anya!

Black Zwan is one of the mostly beautiful designs of you....and especially with a dress of Leon Gurevich!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amazing Ball and absolutely breathtaking nice Anastasia:-)*

Such fantastic team wich worked with you,dear,dear Anya!

Wonderful evenement and HOW great to be able to make part of it...
I'am so happy for you:-)))*

Much Love,
always yours,

Katarina Kühl Illustration said...

hello anya!

it's been a long time, how are you! it seems like everything is going well!

the pics and of course your hats are breathtaking! i think the black swan hat is my favourite.
the ball looks like a lot of fun and inspiration!

i got a new blog now and i wanted to invite you to check it out :)

i wish you a wonderful week!

saya said...

Hi no wonder I cant view your blog previously lol you've changed the url.. I hadn't notice until i googled. My bad in the email.. Thanks for sharing all these gorgeous pictures. I trust you had such a fabulous time at the ball. The silk flower hat is so grand and exquisite! love it lots ^^ Oh btw you have such lovely daughter Anya :)