Friday, June 8, 2012

Signing Off For The Summer!

I can hardly believe that June is here. :-) With new students in my Class the first Session of the Summer is in full force and I am having a phenomenal time in my Atelier creating new hats and working with very talented crowd. The Summer is going to be incredibly busy for me with Millinery Sessions booked all throughout August so much so that I had to add a new Session in September which was fully booked back  in April upon request from my friends and some of the returning students from the previous year. I am not only looking forward to meeting new people who share the same passion for hat design that I do, but I am also super excited to continue working on development and production of my new Collection and several new collaborations with fashion magazines. The Spanish version of the book  "Couture Hats" is out and I am expecting it any day now, shipped to me by the author Louis Bou all the way from Barcelona - can hardly wait to see the final lay out of my segment and read the narrative written by Stephen Jones. English version will be here in September - my favorite month out of the entire year. September always means - Fashion and always means Paris and I am looking forward to both. This Summer I am making a serious commitment to learning how to take beautiful pictures all on my own - something I greatly missed recently while attending the opening of "Faberge" store in New York. So, hopefully, by the time I will land in Paris I will know how to capture the beauty of what I see. :-))) It is a tradition here, in my Blog, ever since I started it, to sign off for the Summer: something I do in order to dedicate my entire time to the creation of new hats and concentrate on design, my students and new ideas.:-) I will see you all here in September and wish all of you great Summer! Let it be the happiest yet.:-)


leavesyouwantingmore said...

Happy Summer!

Lots of love from

leavesyouwantingmore said...

Happy Summer!

Lots of love from

VM Creation Atelier said...

Hello,dear Anya!

Life is a great Theater....

And your life is absolutely wonderful theater,full of magic,love and fabulously nice movement:-)*

I wish you busy summer,performance summer!
And your creations in THE BOOK ''Couture Hats'',this is amazing,Anya!!!
Congrats million times:-)*

Much,much Love,

lorenabr said...

Have a wonderful creative summer :)

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Wishing you a beautiful, creative and productive summer, Dear Anya! Looking forward to your return!



CANDY LANE said...

Los meses de verano están llenos de inspiración ;)

VM Creation Atelier said...

Здравствуйте милая,дорогая Аня!

Надеюсь Ваше лето пролетело наполняя жизнь чудесными,светлыми новостями:-)*

Скучаю по Вашим творческим постам и без Вашего присутствия здесь,в мире Блогланд....

Жду с непреодолимым нетерпением Вашего возвращения,

Остаюсь всегда искренне Ваша