Friday, September 21, 2012

My Atelier For Italian Flair Magazine. September 2012 Issue.

 Sometime this past Summer I have been commissioned by Italian Flair Magazine to create a very special piece for magazine's September 2012 Issue very special editorial. September Issue is out and today I would like to share with you this beautiful editorial photographed by Stephen Pan and styled by the amazing Sissy Vian. You know what a special place Kokoshnik holds in my heart, I am always so excited  to work with another version of this spectacular traditional Russian headgear when I get a chance. One thing never stops surprising me is how often  I get requests for different types of Kokoshniks.
 It is especially surprising since Kokoshniks, no longer a part of the modern culture, considered to be an anachronism. Every time I see a brilliant beauty of it shining in today's vision of stylists, photographers and editors, I realise how relevant Kokoshnik still is and it makes my heart smile. In this particular editorial you see it paired (photo #1) with latest designs by Dolce &Gabbana, Etro, Christian Louboutin and (photo #2) with creations by Givenchy By Riccardo Tisci and Adrienne Landau. What a phenomenal company to be in! :-)
 With the remainder of this editorial, one of my favorite to this day, I am wishing you beautiful Fall weekend. For me it will be another very busy weekend since I am preparing for the editorial photo shoot of my own latest Collection: always such a thrill! Looking forward to working with my uber talented team and sharing with you the hats I have worked on for so long.

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VM Creation Atelier said...


Ja snimaju shliapy pered Vashim talantom!

Vosxititelno,stilno,super,super glamour!!!

Gordost za Vas v dyshe rastet s kazdim dnem i perepolnjaet moe serdze,dorogaya Anya:-)*
S kakim naslazdeniem ja slezy za vsemi Vashimi tvorcheskimi yspexami!

Zelaiu Vam prekrasnix vixodnix,

S Liubovju,