Tuesday, October 23, 2012

"Be The Hattiest Of Them All!" #2 Of My Lessons In Millinery + "Meadow" Topper.

 Couple of weeks ago, I have posted my #1 Lesson learned in Millinery "Dream Big!" . Today I will be posting about another very important lesson I have learned in my profession I entitled - "Be The Hattiest Of Them All!". For this post our model Anastasia is wearing a "Meadow" mini top hat created out of crinkled silk with jeweled embroidery. Now, what does it exactly mean "be the hattiest of them all"? To me it simply means : do not compromise your vision. I always remind myself that beautiful millinery happens outside of your comfort zone. All you need to do is find the boundaries of your comfort zone and step out of them. If you are working on a hat and something inside tells you that something is not right ( the color pallet is off, the materials don't quite work together and so on) - don't force it, listen to it! This is your creative  speaking to you. Creative people always have this internal barometer, but very little of them know how to listen to it. Another thing to remember: being original and trying to be an original are two very different things. 
 Express yourself freely, but remember that there is a thin line between fabulous Couture hat and costumie creation (unless you are working for a Theater). It is extraordinarily important to understand where this line is. There must be a certain degree of sense of humor about the design BUT sense of humor is by far is not  the most important ingredient in hat design. If someone tells you that it is, take it as a caution. If your hat is all about sense of humor and not much else, most likely, you will end up looking like one of those weird ladies with a chicken on their head, trying so desperately to stand out of the crowd. Having this said: expect to make mistakes.Welcome them, embrace them!Making mistakes will help you grow and, more importantly, it will help you to develop your unique signature style, to help you understand where you stand with regards to your point of view on design. You must accept it as constant presence in you work. As a result you will create hats that will vary from ordinary to extraordinary. Extraordinary is what will make you "The Hattiest Of Them All" in every sense of this phrase. :-) Wishing everyone a beautiful week ahead, for me it will be packed with hats, hats, hats!


VM Creation Atelier said...

Dearest Anya,

It's just one of the most wonderful and usefull post ever..........!:-)*

Thank you SO,SO very much for share your wise thoughts here,it helps me not to forget one thing: ''be original,be themself and be creative always and everywhere....!''

I ADMIRE ONCE MORE your style to work and the style of your mind!!!

These very,very thin line between sense of ordinary and extraordinary style create absolutely your OWN WORLD of dream..........:-)*
I'am SO agree with you,Anya about your ''inner barometer'',just wonderful and so great comparison!

This new cration of you,''Meadow''is also exellen example of perfection in ALL and the way to be the hattiest of the all!!!

Sending you my warm virtual hugs and love,

Caz said...

Hi Anya, thank you for writing your lesson posts. I am loving them, they are so insightful, useful and interesting,make me feel like I'm right there in your beautiful atelier once again. I also cannot wait to see the new collection in full, my mouth waters at what is yet to come love caz xxx

ELISA said...

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