Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dream Big! My Lessons Learned In Millinery + "Frida" hat.

 Since opening my Atelier in 2010 (so long ago and almost seems like yesterday!) I have learned many lessons, some came to me in a form of unexpected discoveries, some through different experiences, some felt like revelations when another ones felt like a good kick in the gut. Today, I am sharing with you some of the most important lessons I have learned while navigating my business of Millinery Atelier.Last week, while shooting editorial for my new Collection, we have asked our beautiful model Anastasia to pose for this image and several more to accompany series of posts on lessons learned. Without further ado I am starting with # 1 Lesson "Dream Big" . :-)  Dream Big might seem like a phrase delivered by a motivational speaker, usually easily disregarded , almost a cliche, one of those general phrases you find irrelevant to yourself. I almost made a mistake of disregarding it too .
 I discovered that dreaming big is what helps me keep my goals in focus,  maintain my vision for my business and ultimately sets the bar for me which is, well, usually in the stratosphere. The higher you will set your bar, the higher you will jump. The higher you will learn to jump, the sooner you will touch the sky. I discovered that there is absolutely nothing impossible once you allow yourself to dream big and unleash your professional ambitions. If anything, I am a perfect poster child for having big dreams. If someone would have told me  10 years ago when I just landed in New York JFK, with only 20$ in my pocket leaving behind all that I knew and loved, that I will become a milliner ( wait, who!!???), I would never believe it. If someone would have told me that I will have the most amazing teachers in my profession (me!? seriously!?), I would never believe it. If someone would have told me that in just few short years I will be operating my own Atelier - I would never believe it. If someone would have told me that with in 2 years of establishing my label, my hats would be requested by major fashion publications, that I would be invited to present my Collection in Paris at Premiere Classe and one of the contemporary books on Millinery would include the segment on my hats right next to the biggest names in business  - I would think that this someone is totally nuts. Today I consider it my #1 lesson learned: dream big, work hard and you will be lucky!:-)
For this post Anastasia is wearing "Frida" hat, which I created a little while ago for my Atelier. Inspired by Frida Kahlo. :-) Wishing you beautiful week ahead and don't forget to always Dream Big!:-)


Magda said...

Thank you for this short story! I try to dream big to witn my small millinery bussines I opened in Poland. Hats here are not popular but I am trying very hard to make it happen. Thank you for an inspiration! I observe your blog for a while and I love it! xxx

VM Creation Atelier said...

Dear,dear Any,

With absolutely great pleasure I road your new post!!!

HOW unbelievebly good is it,what do you says,Any:-)))*

I can not more being agree with your wise and fantastic woords!

You know,...........We all are just ordinary peoples wich are busy with an ordinary everyday things:-)*
Some peoples can making from your daily life just an CREATION,and that is BEAUTIFUL!!!

I'am SO proud and SO happy that I have a chance to learn your wonderful inspirations,your amazing work,Any,that's really true!
Your ''Frida'' is gorgeous with a most beautiful color roses and those exqusitely nice velies.....
Also adore the shape of this hat: delicate,''petite'',feminine,just DREAMy!!!
Dear Anya,
Thank you so much for these great source of inspiration:-)*
Sending you my warm autumn hugs,

Much Love,

Beach House Living said...

Thank you for sharing a lesson learned. I especially enjoyed the part about if you dream big the higher you will jump.


The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Dear Anya,
Thank you, thank you, thank you for your message in this post! I have to tell you that I am so proud of anyone who starts from very little like yourself and works hard on achieving their dream! I will need to do some very heavy duty thinking about how I can put your very wise words into practice.

Your success is truly an inspiration!

Wishing you a beautiful weekend,