Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hat Street Chic Milan And Paris from Fashion Weeks SS 2013.

 With Paris Fashion Week is almost over, today I decided to post images of the hat street chic from Milan and Paris. Love some very unexpected shapes and love the variety of colors. I always think of Global Fashion Weeks as the Olympics of street style, full of unrivaled displays of power-dressing from those who demand their shining moment in the context of Fashion. There is nothing effortless in this displays of the global fashion crowd. Every detail is carefully planned and thought through weeks in advance with great attention and only one purpose - to stand out. 
 So, whether it is a red statement T-shirt or impossible maxi skirt paired with tall hat - this is what street chic is all about. Wishing you fantastic week ahead and remember, nothing makes you stand out of the crowd as a beautiful hat!

All images are courtesy vogue.com, style.com and harper's-bazaar-magazine.com

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VM Creation Atelier said...

HOW fantastic to see all these images;-)))*


It's looks as a great fashion party on the street!
Colorful,alive,and SO,SO beautiful!

Adorable images of Uliana Sergeenko and how much different styles of hats and just lovely looks there...............:-)))*

Sending you my warm Autumn hugs and wish you a very good week ahead,my dear friend!