Friday, October 19, 2012

The "Bubble Head Dreamer" Hat And Few Words On My New "Sanctum" Collection.

 There are some millinery designs I carry around in my head for a long time before attempting to create them. "Bubble Head Dreamer" is one of this designs. How do you create a hat constructed entirely out of glass (not plastic) balls of multiple sizes? Every time I work with materials that are not considered suited for millinery, I have to remind to myself that truly beautiful Millinery happens outside of any comfort zone. Stepping out of it is always an adventure full of challenges and trials, but the more of both you encounter in the process the more satisfying the final result. "Bubble Head Dreamer" demanded every bit of my patience, attention and skills and it was worth every single disappointment  along the way: I probably should mention that I had to create three different versions of mock-ups with in  four month period before finalizing the design. For a while my Atelier was buried  in colorful bubbles and, well, yes, since it is glass - in gazillion tiny pieces of glass bubbles.
 "Bubble Head Dreamer" became a part of my new Collection entitled "Sanctum" . Sanctum means a sacred place or, as I think of it, a sacred inner place where one is free of any kind of intrusion, a place free of anything but creative, a safe place, a place of many memories and many dreams, free of negative presences of any kind, a place where you can allow yourself to be the most you . "Sanctum" is, perhaps, the largest Collection I have ever created so far. I, of course, will be introducing you to each design in person just like I always do with every Collection. I am wishing everyone great weekend. :-)


Karena said...

Bravo Anya I adore this concept and look forward to seeing more of the "Sanctum Collection"

2012 Artists Series

VM Creation Atelier said...

Anya,dear Anya...........

I admire your creative mind and your fantastic abilities in these creation!!!
HOW is it possible to create SO fragile,delicate,SO unbelieveble lightly,SO real ''glass'' hat?!

And these colors makes me makes your design more special,very impressive!

I wish you,my dear friend wonderful weekend:-)*

Much LOVE,

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

This is so, so creative! Bravo for once again pushing the boundaries of common-place thinking and trying something very, very new and fresh!

With hugs,