Friday, November 30, 2012

"Gelato" Hat, "Sanctum" Collection.

 Today I decided to show you a darling little hat I created in my Atelier and decided to make a part of my new "Sanctum" Collection. "Gelato" hat comes in many different colors of the scoop. Here you see it in yellow, but there are choices of mint green, pink and raspberry colors. It is so much fun to look at and even more to wear. It quickly became one of the most requested hats in my Atelier.
 It comes from a very happy place of childhood memories and I just wanted to preserve that feeling of lightness, joy and sunshine I associate with a scoop of Gelato. :-) The production in my Atelier has been crazy for the past few weeks, I was working on several very special pieces. I will tell you more about them as soon as I can, but today I am just happy it is Friday and looking forward to the entire weekend of Christmas shopping with my friends in new York. What a luxury! :-) Wishing all of you beautiful weekend ahead!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Most Beautiful Holiday Window Displays of 2012 From Around The Globe.

 I am a very lucky girl because I live just a short train ride away from one of the most beautiful cities in the world - New York. New York around Christmas time is absolutely spectacular! Every year just around this time my girlfriends and I gather in New York for a very special day of Christmas shopping and fun. One of the most favorite things for us to see magnificent Holiday window displays all over the City. For several years now, every Christmas Season, right here I blog about my favorite Holiday displays. There is always something very special, magical, innocent, beautiful about the themes of the displays. It makes me feel like something wonderful is just about to happen. :-) This year I have three top favorites which I am sharing with you today. Number one, hands down, is the most amazing display in Harrods, London (I wish I can be there just for one day to see it with my own eyes. Natalie of Fashioned by Love Blog, you are one lucky girl!) The first image you see is Tiana from "The Princess and The Frog" designed by Ralph & Russo, Holiday display Harrods, London.
 Cinderella designed by Versace Harrods, London
 Aurora from ''Sleeping Beauty" designed by Elie Saab, Harrods, London
 Ariel from "The Little Mermaid" designed by Marchesa, Harrods, London
 Belle from "Beauty And The Beast" designed by Valentino, Harrods London
 Mullan designed by Missoni, Harrods London.
 And, finally, Pocahontas designed by Roberto Cavalli, Harrods. London.
 Displays at Tiffany's are stunning! Signature color with gold, silver and red  - ultimate luxury in divine pallet. :-)

 Another one of my most favorite Holiday window displays this year comes from  Printemps Paris, every time I am in Paris Printemps is one of my priority destinations.
 This year displays were dressed by Dior, so very French!:-)

 I love jazz age windows of Bergdorf Goodman garnished with spectacular vintage hats courtesy of one of my favorite vintage shops in New York - New York Vintage Inc. The hats and head pieces in the windows are nothing short of magnificent. If you are in new York this year go see them. :-)

 I can go on and go on abut many more Holiday displays, some of which you see below: from Bloomingdale's  Lord &Taylor, Henry Bendel...but I decided not to spoil it for those of you who are planning to be in New York this Holiday Season. Find your Inspiration. :-) It warms my heart to see the City I love coming back to life after several stressful post Sandy weeks. It, finally, feels like Christmas is almost here.

Friday, November 23, 2012

"The Thief: Ruby Hunter" Hat of The Sanctum Collection.

 Here is "The Thief: Ruby Hunter" hat of my new "Sanctum" Collection I promised to show you  in more detail last time. If any hat in my career as a milliner demanded skills, patience, knowledge and more skills it was, without a doubt, THIS hat. I think I have mentioned in one of my previous posts about my "Asylum" hat that several hats of my Sanctum Collection were created with the use of the extremely rare feathers of Bird of Paradise. The bird itself for this hat was assembled from multiple plumes of an actual Bird of Paradise. The hunt for this feathers lasted several months with one hope in mind: to create the hat that I kept envisioning in detail for a long time. The plumes traveled to me from many parts of the world until one day I had enough of them to design the hat. All plumes initially came to me in all shades of dirty white, yellowish brown and gray and so the first challenge was to die feathers in the multiple shades of reds with pink and fuchsia hues to give the color extra depth. The process took almost a week before I achieved the color I had in mind.
 Among other challenges I faced with this hat were: assembling the bird itself, creating a base for the hat made out of mink fur ( yes, I have learned and practiced fur made hats with a specific purpose of incorporate fur in my designs), using gold leaf on the brunches of the hat and the head of the bird, placing tiny ruby stone in the beak of the bird to make sure that the hat tells the story in every single little detail. I often get asked which hat out of those I created is my favorite. Well, they all are my favorites, but "The Thief: Ruby Hunter" hat holds a very special place in my hart.:-)
The inspiration for this hat came from a mythical character in Russian Folklore: Fire Bird - a creature who possessed magical powers and divine beauty. This is exactly why the color of the bird was so important to me. It was a thrill, pure pleasure and such a great experience to work on this hat! If there was any time I felt any kind of satisfaction as an artist, a designer and a milliner - it came to me in the process of creation of "The Thief: Ruby Hunter".

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Recent Press: Relapse Magazine And Tape Magazine.

Here are two recent publications with editorials that include the hats of my Atelier. The first one has been published in Relapse Magazine featuring two hats "Fall Dreams" and "Chocolate Fall". I know that you can not really see the details of the hats since stylists went with black and white and "bleached" version for the images, but I thought I would document it anyway. :-)

The second feature of my hats is in Tape Magazine courtesy Leonid Gurevich who gave in depth interview to the Tape about his spectacular September "Tribute" Show in New York. Since I have been lucky enough to be a part of it, Leonid's interview includes many images of the hats by my Atelier. :-)
On the personal note, I can hardly believe that it is almost Thanksgiving. I am excited about it because we have moved to a new place which I will, probably, call home for the next several months until our new house is build. A nice change from being basically homeless for the past few weeks. There are many things I feel very grateful for in my life, but most of all for people who surround me: my wonderful friends, my amazing students who reached out from all over the world to invite my family to stay with them in Ireland, in Australia, in Japan, in Russia, in Bosnia, in many many states of the USA. Priceless!I am grateful for the fact that despite the destruction of Sandy, I have been able to work and teach, create beautiful hats. My Atelier is standing and this means I am standing strong! I am wishing all of you wonderful, warm, happy Thanksgiving. See you here Friday with one very special hat. :)

Friday, November 16, 2012

"Caviar" Hat, "Sanctum" Collection.

 "Caviar" hat is also a part of my new Collection "Sanctum". To say that I had fun working on this piece is to say nothing at all. It is full of details which demanded, first, tedious planning and than very careful execution: from sequin and bead embroidery, Swarovski encrusted silver fish bone, gold and bronze piping on the front part of the hat to a little surprise in a shape of mini tea spoon on the back.
Inspiration for this hat came from two different sources: black caviar  considered to be traditional Russian delicacy. Crystal dish of black caviar was always present on the table in my Mom's house for New Year's celebration - so many happy memories right there. :-) The second source of inspiration came from Russian Nobility Ball which I attended in the Spring of this year. I remember how sometime in the rush of the preparation, just before models were sent off to represent "Moskovita" Collection, one of the ladies of the Committee came up to me with a huge spoon full of black caviar, asked me to open my mouth, well, I did not mind at all. :-) The taste of it brought so many happy memories to live, to the place I call ''Sanctum".
 I hope you will love it as much as I loved working on this hat. "Caviar" has already become one of the most ordered hats I designed right next to "Louboutin Lover", "Editor's Beret" and few others. :-)...Another week has passed and it was a little better than the one before. I am wishing everyone wonderful weekend, I know I will try to enjoy it as much as I can given the circumstances. After all, Thanksgiving is coming and I do feel so very grateful for the wonderful things and beautiful people in my life.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Fabulous Contemporaries: Ulyana Sergeenko.

 Since my very first Blog entry here in 2009, I have wrote several posts on Fabulous Contemporaries who continue to surprise and inspire. Remarkable ladies, whose personal style is written into the pages of modern Fashion as "iconic". Today I decided to post about one of these ladies. To those of you who follow Fashion in general and street style and particular as closely as I do, the name of Ulyana Sergeenko is well familiar. I discovered her several years ago while doing my research on-line. At the time Ulyana was just beginning to appear on the Fashion scene and soon quickly became one of the favorites to be photographed by street style photographers. Despite so many well familiar faces of street style we see during each Fashion week, "fashion packs" as they call them now, to me Ulyana is in the league of her own and this is precisely the reason why I admire her so much.
 Ulyana's ability to combine Haute Couture pieces (yes, she can afford them) with vintage accessories, the way she chooses and wears her hats, head pieces, veils, shoes, bags and jewelry makes one of the strongest examples of personal style I have ever seen. "Sublime beauty" seems to be an accurate enough expression when I think of Ulyana. Her personal wealth, I believe, makes it easier for her to choose and buy whatever she pleases, but money itself never ever bought one single person something we love to call "Style". This is something that comes with in, it's a gift one has to be born with. Phenomenal stylist, photographer and now talented designer of her own beautiful line Ulyana is one of the Fabulous Contemporaries that inspire me today and I have no doubt whatsoever will inspire me for years to come.
 I hope you will enjoy the selection of images  of my favorite looks by Ulyana Sergeenko: so perfect, so detailed, so different from too-fast-to-expire-trends, timeless really. :-) With this I am wishing  everyone great week ahead!

All images are courtesy of, harper's, tatler,com, buro 24/7, Phil Oh.