Monday, November 12, 2012

Fabulous Contemporaries: Ulyana Sergeenko.

 Since my very first Blog entry here in 2009, I have wrote several posts on Fabulous Contemporaries who continue to surprise and inspire. Remarkable ladies, whose personal style is written into the pages of modern Fashion as "iconic". Today I decided to post about one of these ladies. To those of you who follow Fashion in general and street style and particular as closely as I do, the name of Ulyana Sergeenko is well familiar. I discovered her several years ago while doing my research on-line. At the time Ulyana was just beginning to appear on the Fashion scene and soon quickly became one of the favorites to be photographed by street style photographers. Despite so many well familiar faces of street style we see during each Fashion week, "fashion packs" as they call them now, to me Ulyana is in the league of her own and this is precisely the reason why I admire her so much.
 Ulyana's ability to combine Haute Couture pieces (yes, she can afford them) with vintage accessories, the way she chooses and wears her hats, head pieces, veils, shoes, bags and jewelry makes one of the strongest examples of personal style I have ever seen. "Sublime beauty" seems to be an accurate enough expression when I think of Ulyana. Her personal wealth, I believe, makes it easier for her to choose and buy whatever she pleases, but money itself never ever bought one single person something we love to call "Style". This is something that comes with in, it's a gift one has to be born with. Phenomenal stylist, photographer and now talented designer of her own beautiful line Ulyana is one of the Fabulous Contemporaries that inspire me today and I have no doubt whatsoever will inspire me for years to come.
 I hope you will enjoy the selection of images  of my favorite looks by Ulyana Sergeenko: so perfect, so detailed, so different from too-fast-to-expire-trends, timeless really. :-) With this I am wishing  everyone great week ahead!

All images are courtesy of, harper's, tatler,com, buro 24/7, Phil Oh.


lorenabr said...

Her style is gorgeous!
Thanks for sharing!

VM Creation Atelier said...

Hello,dearest Anya!

Your choices of outlooks Ulyana Sergeenko so great........!!!
That's really amazing how she is different in her every look:-)*
Different,but indeed timeless and fantastic!!!

I like your choice #5 so much.........the hat,coat and shoes are completely fabulous!

My dear friend Anya,
I wish you peaceful weekend,

Much Love,