Thursday, November 8, 2012

My #3 Lesson in Millinery: "Don't Be Afraid To Be Afraid!"

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy very few things remain normal. We lost our home and our car, there is no electricity, hit, water, but I am blessed with having amazing friends who opened their home to my family and I and made us feel welcome in this difficult time. Internet connection still remains one of the luxuries. :-) I am looking forward to returning to my routine Blog posts among other things and so today, while I have Internet, I decided to post about one more lesson in Millinery I have learned so far and that is: don't be afraid to be afraid! Fear and doubt are, actually, good things. Not so long ago I watched an interview with Ilse Liepa - Prima ballerina I love and admire for ages. She was asked if after all this glorious years in ballet and on the stage she is still afraid of critique of her newest performances. She responded with what I think as an essential truth for every creative person. She said: '"Only an idiot is not afraid and only an idiot does not doubt himself." Fear to fail is a very natural thing. I think it has something to do with our survival instinct. Fear preserves us from being destroyed: after all, it is a known fact that creative people are extraordinarily sensitive and often handle negative poorly.
You must learn how to embrace fear and doubt in your creative process. I taught myself how to look at both of this components as a part of the process and as a constant positive rather than negative presence in everything that I do. Don't ever submit to fear - you will risk ending up not exploring options and territories that might lead you to your ultimate dream out of shier fear to fail. Remember, defeat and victory always go hand in hand and if you never experienced defeat, you will never experience victory. The truth is: it is impossible to create consistently great designs. The very fabric of creative process demands variety of experiences. You will create designs that are great, not so great, average and down right terrible. Love it all and don't be afraid to be less than perfect. What the worst that can happen really? Keep in mind that all opinions on design are highly subjective. I will touch more on that in my next lesson in Millinery. What matters the most is your own strong vision, persistent work, hard work, constant work on developing new techniques, pushing for the new territories and the rest will follow. So here it is in a nut shell: doubt and fear will stay with you no matter what. Learn how to deal with it, allow yourself to be scared but do not allow yourself to be stopped by fear. Ignorance is always fearless, loud and has no doubt - I have seen plenty examples of that. Fear will create limits and limits will hold you back.
For this post my model Anastasia is wearing a strong little hat created in my Atelier for "Dark Little Creatures" series in celebration of the year of the Dragon. And what a challenging year it has been so far! I am wishing all of you beautiful weekend and hope that it will bring all of us in the effected territories just a step closer to the safe and warm place we call home.


Beach House Living said...

I am so terribly sorry to hear what storm Sandy to your home and car.

Your post is more proof of the amazing strength I have witnessed this last week.

lorenabr said...

I am so sorry to hear that you have to deal with such pain. I hope you and your family will get back to normal soon.

I wish you all the best. Be strong! Your post is very inspirational :)

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Dearest Anya,
The words "I am sorry" do not begin to express how very sad I am for you, but I am SO relieved that you and your family are OK. Please know that our thoughts are with you.

With hugs,


VM Creation Atelier said...


Я уже неоднократно писала Вам о своем безграночном чустве уважения и восторга к Вам как к личности и к совершенно неподражаемому таланту!
После потери дома,машины,тепла................и всех тех неописуемых стрессов,что Вам всей семьей пришлось пережить во время етого урагана:(
Вы находите в себе силы писать здесь в блоге о таких вещах как страх и сомнения во время творческого процесса!

Я с Вами абсолютно согласна,Аня.
Без поражений человек не сможет по-настоящему радоваться победам и снова и снова создавать новое!
Мне кажется я не ошибусь,если скажу,что Ваш выбор именно этой Вашей креации-шляпки был совершенно осознанным в подборе к написанию именно етого поста:-)*

От всего сердца,искренне мысленно с Вами,