Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Recent Press: Relapse Magazine And Tape Magazine.

Here are two recent publications with editorials that include the hats of my Atelier. The first one has been published in Relapse Magazine featuring two hats "Fall Dreams" and "Chocolate Fall". I know that you can not really see the details of the hats since stylists went with black and white and "bleached" version for the images, but I thought I would document it anyway. :-)

The second feature of my hats is in Tape Magazine courtesy Leonid Gurevich who gave in depth interview to the Tape about his spectacular September "Tribute" Show in New York. Since I have been lucky enough to be a part of it, Leonid's interview includes many images of the hats by my Atelier. :-)
On the personal note, I can hardly believe that it is almost Thanksgiving. I am excited about it because we have moved to a new place which I will, probably, call home for the next several months until our new house is build. A nice change from being basically homeless for the past few weeks. There are many things I feel very grateful for in my life, but most of all for people who surround me: my wonderful friends, my amazing students who reached out from all over the world to invite my family to stay with them in Ireland, in Australia, in Japan, in Russia, in Bosnia, in many many states of the USA. Priceless!I am grateful for the fact that despite the destruction of Sandy, I have been able to work and teach, create beautiful hats. My Atelier is standing and this means I am standing strong! I am wishing all of you wonderful, warm, happy Thanksgiving. See you here Friday with one very special hat. :)


janettaylor said...

Congrats! :)

lorenabr said...

I am so glad to know you are doing well! I am looking forward to Friday! :) Stay strong!

Karen Albert said...

Anya so fabulous! Congratulations!

Giveaway from Scalamandre!

VM Creation Atelier said...

This is SO great,dear Anya!

To see your own designs in so wonderful magazines........
It´s a big proud,emmotional feelings I think!!!

And your absolutely amazing hat creations together with a huge,fantastic designs of Leon Gurevich is just fabulous!

I wish you and your family beautiful Thanks Giving:-)*

Much LOVE,
always yours,