Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Magic And Imagination Come Together at "Interview with Caronte" Fashion Show by The Remarkable Team Of Tolentino Haute Hats.

 When Tolentino first announced that they will be presenting a Collection of Haute Hats in Seville, Spain, I prepared myself for a beautiful, extraordinarily visual journey, a story in hats that is so rarely told in modern Millinery world, the story that only Tolentino team  is capable of telling like nobody else. Felipe and Manolo of Tolentino are not just my friends, they are the single team of professional Milliners I admire the most. Immediately after the show I e-mailed Felipe and Manolo asking them to provide images and, of course, the story behind the Collection and so today I am sharing with you the magic of Tolentino. I love you right back guys!
 "Interview With Caronte" is a technically challenging, visually sublime Collection that is so powerful ,one is left to wonder for days afterwards, replaying images of it and thinking of  the difficult process that went into the creation of "Inteview With Caronte". This is what I call no BS Millinery: complex, vivid, dramatic, highly artistic, true Couture. The inspiration for this Collection came to Felipe and Manolo from the attempt to understand the passage from life to death. Using the character of Caronte as the opening theme, the Show traveled into the unknown world where dreams, magic and imagination  lead to a spiritual voyage into light. The fact that the entire Collection is done in monochromatic tones of white and bone china with occasional red, gives it luminous, mysterious effect. We see Icons of different religions and mythological concepts are used to correlated the point, since both religion and spirituality are the line conductors to the eternal life. Final bow was taken at the end of the Show in honor of the great Anna Piaggi for her enormous contribution to the Fashion World.
 "Intervew With Caronte" left me lightheaded - that's how great it was. All components of it: from the complex theme to the brilliant execution of each design is pushing boundaries of  modern understanding of hats and hat design. It is like a breath of fresh air: liberating, magnificent, enormously talented, extravagant - it is sublime! 
 I am leaving you with amazing images of the Collection courtesy of Tolentino Haute Hats and wishing you beautiful week ahead.


lorenabr said...

These are wonderful :)

Nono said...

A breath of fresh air, thank you for being kind enough to share. Amazing collection!