Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Hats Of "Anna Karenina".

 If you haven't see long anticipated movie "Anna  Karenina" just yet I urge you to do so as soon as possible. The costumes are absolutely breathtaking and while I am still deliberating if Keira Knightely did a good job playing the most complicated role in cinema, I can honestly say that costumes along in this move worth every minute of your time. Jacqueline Durran, a mastermind behind creating enchanting costumes for movies such an "Atonement" and "Pride & Prejudice" did phenomenal job on creating costumes for "Anna Karenina" as well. I will not go into details with regards to fabulous Chanel jewelry pieces, gloves and gowns themselves - I am sure you can find more than enough info on that in the Internet. My main attention is, of course, on hats! And what an amazing, truly remarkable collection of hats were created for "Anna Karenina".
 All hats were custom ordered from uniquely talented milliner, one of the top professionals I admire since seeing his work in '"Elizabeth", "Alice In Wonderland", "Braveheart", 'Evita" - Sean Barrett  , the best kept secret in movie costume business. My hat is off to you, Sir. You will, most likely, not find much info about him, but his creations speak louder than any words. One of my favorite headdresses was this single scarlet Bird Of Paradise plume mounted in Anna's hair. As you know I know have new found appreciation for the magnificent beauty of Bird of Paradise feathers. There is no better way to spell "drama". The collection of headdresses for "Anna Karenina" includes beautiful fur hats, delicate veiled pieces, velvet with rich gold embroidery, pill boxes draped in veiling and adorned with silk flowers - it is truly a hat lover Heaven! Enjoy the selection of images from "Anna Karenina". I am wishing all of you wonderful week ahead!:-)


Little Rus said...

I absolutely love costumes and hats and I just knew you would talk about them here (would be very surprised if you didn't :) )
But honestly, I do struggle with the cast of this version of Anna Karenina, especially having seen all the previous ones... And I've heard an interview with Keira where she was talking about Russian history etc etc etc and being Russian I felt that she ABSOLUTELY didn't get it.
As we say "umom Rossiu ne ponyat'" and she really really really didn't understand ANYTHING.
I don't see her as a good actress - she is beautiful, very beautiful, especially when she doesn't smile, but as an actress she is far from brilliant or worthy of this role, let alone she looks very Hollywood rather than the image of Anna according to Tolstoy's desription.
And I also find it very difficult to dislike Jude Law. :) Plus isn't he supposed to be much older for playing Anna's husband?


Paris Pastry said...

After reading your post and being obsessed with Anna, I watched the trailer - and oh my - it looks so good! The costumes, the story, the incredible cast. Just in time for Christmas!! Xx

lorenabr said...

They are all gorgeous!

VM Creation Atelier said...

Милая,дорогая Аня!

Совершенно под впечатлением безумно красивых костюмов в ´´Анна Каренина´´....и шляпы,оценить их по достоинству можете только Вы,Анечка и настоящие проффессионалы!!!
Кайра очень хороша на препоследнем фото здесь у Вас в Вашем посте и эта шляпа пёжалуй одна из самых любимых мои образов в драме ´´Анна Каренина´´.

Я абожаю роман,перечитывала его не один раз и возможно я отстала от времени,но наша русская Анна Каренина мне понравилась больше....
Может быть и впрямь: ``умом Россию не понять...´´

Желаю вам так же хорошей недели,мой дорогой друг!

Искренне Ваша Виолетта:-)*

Couture Millinery Atelier. said...

Dear Natalie, I absolutely agree. I think that Hollywood ought to abandon the idea of trying to create any more motion pictures based on Russian literature. I think Keira is gorgeous, but also think she is almost the same in every single move she makes.I have not heard the interview on the subject she gave, but I don't think I need to - everything was on the screen. She did not get Anna Karenina at all.However,I do not feel like the movie was such a waste of time since the costumes along were capable to entertain me far beyond the movie.
P.S. The older Jude Law gets the more attractive he is, don't you think? Much love to you and my most favorite British dogie ever!:-)

toile la la said...

The movie was a visual feast for anyone who loves costuming, millinery, and choreography. One of my all-time favorites for all the above - and the use of theatre scenery in the cinematography.

You've mentioned Sean Barrett here - as an Anna Karenina contributing millinery designer. I wonder if he designed the beautiful embroidered tulle-veiled chapeau.

Couture Millinery Atelier. said...

Dear Toil La La, yes, all hats were designed by Sean Barrett, however when it comes to the veil you have mentioned I think this veil is vintage and comes from the existing vintage stocks of French Veils. They are very rare to come by, by they do exist. I myself have been lucky enough to come across and purchase a significant collection of veils like this. The embroidery on each of them is very similar to the one on Anna's hat - breathtaking really. :-)

Joyce Thompson said...

Begging to disagree with most of the above, except the part about the stunning costumes.
1. This was a very modern playwright's take on an iconic Russian (and by now, Hollywood) story--without this fresh approach,no point in retelling it, really.
2. Anna is NOT a modern woman, but you have to understand her as a passionate one. I thought both the script and Knightly's performance worked in this way. Lust vs. social constraint.
3. Jude Law was amazing.
4. Knightly is not just another pretty face. See Dangerous Minds.

Couture Millinery Atelier. said...

Dear Joyce, thank you for your intelligent input. Being in America for almost 12 years I do understand your point of view, but having that said: one has to be Russian to really understand the depth of Tolstoy's characters not to mention try to play them. Knightly is a talented actress but she is NOT talented enough to play Anna Karenina. The movie is beautiful for many different reasons including costumes, set design, attention to details. I insist that Knightly's efforts to depict Anna Karenina were somehow weak, lacked the very understanding of what "Russian Soul" was all about.