Friday, December 14, 2012

Tour De Force: Idda van Munster (Aida Đapo) .

Fashion is fantasy, but if you look closely enough you will see that Fashion has very little to do with Beauty. Strip away latest brands, "must haves", shoe of the day, the "it bag", Vogue prescribed high lights and you are left with everything God given. Well, we will leave the hat on! Some women struggle to understand and master their own Beauty for the entire life. I am one of them. But there are also women who are born with the essential understanding of what Beauty is and, more importantly, knowledge of how TO BE beautiful. To me it is a special kind of talent. Aida is a perfect example of a girl who knows how to be truly beautiful and today I can not help but share with you the collection of images of my friend, mega talented vintage model, make up artists from Bosnia. Thank you, Aida for sending me this spectacular image of you wearing  mini top hat created by me in my Atelier. You look stunning!
Aida's undeniable knowledge of Beauty and her expertise in hair and make up are , apparently, something she enjoys to do in her spear time. Talented people are talented in anything they choose as their path, it's a given. And so Aida is currently studding Pharmacy, she told me she always wanted to be in the profession based on her two favorite school subjects: Biology and Chemistry . I, personally, see it as a perfect fit: whether Aida will choose to use her degree to create magic potions or to discover an ultimate cure, I know she will do it because her dream is to bring "the power  to heal" to people. Beautiful face, beautiful heart and a fabulous collection of vintage hats to match. :-) Aida and I share many things in common: both of us enjoy books, travelling, having tea or coffee time, but above all, we enjoy every second of this life. Aida can also be found having picnics, making cakes, sewing , vintage shopping and starring in many beauty editorials. Beloved by so many in Europe she is truly Tour De Force. I love you, Aida!
You can find Aida right HERE. So here is from Bosnia with love beautiful Idda! I hope you will enjoy the selection of images courtesy of Idda van Munster . I am wishing all of you wonderful, beautiful weekend!


VM Creation Atelier said...


Dear,dear Anya!

Your creation looks amazing here,by Idda van Munster:-)))*

She is indeed really BEAITY!
I like her style to create anothe looks for everyday....

Beautiful girl,wich lives in a ''vintage''style today,she is immensly stylisch girl!

I am diply impressed,dear Anya about combination of colors: apple-green with a purple and once more all those unbelievebly cute details in your design hat!

Wish you too wonderful pre Christmass weekend,my dear friend,

Much Love,

Anonymous said...

Ohh she is so beutiful, I loved her!!!

Felt Happiness said...

Oh I love these new vintage-type hats (while I also love your amazing, more elaborate art-piece too!)

Such a lovely model,Aida, helps create the perfect photo - fashionable yet with the hat as the center of attention.

Have a beautiful holiday,