Tuesday, January 8, 2013

"Blue Lagoon" Hat, "Sanctum" Collection.

 Electric blue and turquoise are two colors I use very rarely in my work, but when I do I try to find  perfect color shade fit for both. "Blue Lagoon" is one of the examples. Each butterfly has been carefully crafted and finished with  so-called "glazed" layer to give a metallic effect to the wings and embroidered with sequins. I used French Chantilly lace with gold threads to "light up" the colors of the hat
 Jeweled accents are something I love to add to the general composition, in this case I thought it would help to tell the story of "Blue Lagoon" - a reflection of the memory of one very special Summer I spent on the coast of the Black Sea when I was seventeen when every day was a discovery of something amazing. :-)

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VM Creation Atelier said...

I have no woords,Anya,dear...!!!

Just BEAUTIFUL,prefect and absolutely amazing is this Butterfly hat:-)))*

Adore this color so,so very much!
Lace maked it more inspirational and a little bit magnificent....

LOVE your ''Blue Lagoon''idea,Anya!

Send you my warm virtual hugs,my dearest friend:-)))*
Thank you once more for your great ''red lips''....