Friday, January 25, 2013

Embrace Hat Drama: Fashion Week Haute Couture Printemps-Eté 2013 de Paris.

 One of the tings I look forward to the most this time of the year is seeing images of the Street Style photographers reporting back from Haute Couture Week in Paris. Captured by the cameras of Tommy Ton and Diego Zuko, this images bring such an inspiring insight into the fashion heart bit of one of the most beloved cities of the world - Paris. Well, my object of affection never changes: I love fashion in general and, of course, shoes, bags, coats and everything in between interests me tremendously, but one thing I always pay attention to the most : what kind of hats walking the streets this season?
  This week Haute Couture Printemps-Ete 2013 de Paris was filled to the rim (or should I say to the brim ?) with gorgeous hats: jeweled toned fedoras, charming knitted hats, soft velvet berets, extravagant fur hats and even delicate veils. At times I feel like Fashion and weather are no longer accompany each other. I know how cold it is in Paris right now, almost as cold as in new York but you would never be able to guess just by looking at some choices of footwear. Well, a  good old saying still stands: "In order to be beautiful, one must suffer consequences". I hope you enjoy this selection of images as much as I did. January is almost over - I have been so busy that accidentally lost Tuesday, totally forgot! (this is the reason I did not post). Promise next time to check my calendar more frequently. Also, thank you so much, guys for your e-mails. I never expected to receive so many questions with regards to my last post. I promise to post all answers in my final Lesson #6 Learned in Millinery.


She Wore It Well said...

The pink is amazing

Karen Albert said...

Adore seeing these fabulous ensembles and the hats! Wow!

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VM Creation Atelier said...


That´s true: Fashion week Paris made all of us really curious and we want to see more and more:-)*

I like your choices,especially Fedoras and a very soft velvet beret!!!

I wish you peaceful,lovely weekend,my dear friend:-)))*

Much Love,
always yours,

lorenabr said...

The hats are lovely! I always love Paris Fashion Week! Trends are on the go there!