Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January With "Coquette". :-)

 I did not expect January to be so insanely busy! All in a good way, of course, but if the rest of 2013 will stay the same I am risking not to see my family ever again. :-))))There are so many new exciting things happening at the Atelier: new people are coming to work for me - I am finally building my team, new faces visiting me  to discuss exciting projects, more beautiful hats are being planned with many already in production. There will be several overseas trips this year, two of which to Paris, one to Spain, one to Moscow and I also have been invited to go to Milan during the Fashion Week. I am feeling it with every fiber of my being:  24 hours is not enough! :-)
Well, today I am posting a perfect little pill box hat made out of genuine mink with oversized silk taffeta bow and a touch of vintage French veiling. Her name is "Coquette" and she is also a part of my new "Sanctum" Collection. I love "Coquette" for her chic simplicity, such a perfect little hat fro January. "Coquette" quickly became one of the favorites with 16 orders being placed with in one week only . :-) It was inspired by the color of winter berries you can see in Russia - "Ryabina" we call it. Brilliant red against white snow always reminded me of the beautiful Winter moments in Russia :-) I am wishing every one fantastic week, seriously hoping that January still in progress. It is so easy to loose track of time when you do what you love the most - hats!


VM Creation Atelier said...

Anya,dearest,my biggest congratulations for your wonderful successful beginning of New Year!!!

Thant´s true,you have more and more activities and less time for your private life....for little sweet things:-)*

But I'm sure this will be rewarded!

Oh,my Godness....your ''Coquette'' is simply stunning pies,simply perfect!!!

I wish you in the current 24 hours to find time for themselves,my dear friend...:-)))* That's also very important for you!

Sending you my warm hugs,

Tracy | Designer Communion Dresses said...

Love, love, love it.