Friday, January 11, 2013

My Interview For "Fashion Collection Belarus'' Magazine, January 2013 Issue.

 So unbelievably thrilled to see my interview for Fashion Collection Belarus Magazine published in January 2013 Issue. You, probably, know that any press requests coming from my home country are always super special to me and I always give them my first priority especially so if it comes from Belarus top Fashion Magazine. "Fashion Collection Belarus" joined the family of global Fashion Collection just few short month ago. I am so impressed with the work ethic, aesthetics and quality of the publication!
 Seeing something like this come to life in the Country where Fashion itself is just in the beginning stages of its evolution is a moment of truth and I am happy to be a part of it.  It was a pleasure working with young and very talented journalist Darina assigned to my interview and see so many hats of my new "Sanctum" Collection chosen by Editor-in-chief of the magazine to be featured on the pages of "Fashion Collection" . :-) And guess, who called me all excited and proud in the middle of the night!? - yes, that's right! My Mom! :-))) She thinks I am the star of the Universe. LOL.
 Wishing everyone beautiful weekend and hope it will be as special as mine. :-)


Little Rus said...

Замечательное интервью и очень красивое оформление статьи. Единственное, они неправильно написали фамилию Кармен - она Дель Орефиче, не Орефис. :)

VM Creation Atelier said...


I want so much to read your interwieuw in russian language...but can´t find them via internet in the ´´Fashion Collection Belarus´´:-(
I tryed also to make these paiges bigger,but unfortunately can't to read it.....!

And then,
I going to look by your personal website...and saw there in your last collection ''Canctum'' one absolutely great treasure wich cals:'' Poison''....just unbelivebly nice masterpiece,Anya!:-)))*

I can wel understand from this tekst:''My clients came to me before the dress is selected,because they shosen the dress wich is absolutely good by my hat!''

It's really amazing,dear Anya!!!
You have a very big reason to be proud about it and especially your Mom:=)))*

Sending you mu warm hugs,