Friday, February 1, 2013

Dancing "Provocateur" Hat, "Sanctum" Collection.

 Introducing "Provocateur" Hat of my new "Sanctum" Collection. Light, flirty, charming and I always want to say that "Provocateur" is a dancing hat. It seems to move (dance) at the lightest motion of the air around it. Sometimes it is fun not to take everything seriously and just  have fun with what you love. I loved working on  "Provocateur" mainly because the hat just happened without any preliminary sketches or planning.  :-)
 "Provocateur" comes in several colors" white, powder pink (as you see it on the pictures), electric and black. It is very dramatic in person. as you know hats are all about the face of the lady who wears them. "Provocateur" has an amazing ability to hide and reveal the face at the same time, it creates so much mystery that it is almost impossible to take your eyes off the girl who wears it. When we were photographing "Provocateur" during editorial photo shoot, I found myself shamelessly staring at our model Anastasia. She looks absolutely beautiful without any hat but with "Provocateur" she was stunning! Oh well, the power of hat!:-)


VM Creation Atelier said...

Oh YES!!! Dear Anechka.....:-)))*

POWER of hat and a power of a person,wich has create them and indeed,how's wearing them!!!

I can imagine the black one piece....absolutely dramatic and magnificent,I KNOW it!!!

BRIlliant idea,Anya and fantastic work;-)))*

Thank you so very much for share it here in your blog!
It's always so exited to see your new ideas,designs and perfectly done MasterPeaces!

I wish you a very nice weekend,my dear friend,peaceful and amazing!

Much love,

Sunny & Star said...

That hat is amazing. Such a huge statement maker.

Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

Cailin´s Place said...

awesome!!!the hat is totally amazing!

lorenabr said...

Amazing hat!