Friday, February 22, 2013


 Today I am posting the images of  "Vertigo" - another hat of my new "Sanctum" Collection. "Vertigo" was designed "out of the blue" - I had no plans for it until one day when I caught myself thinking that my head is literally spinning with ideas and emotions. The sensation was so powerful, I simply could not resist creating a hat  that would embody that "creative vertigo glamour" the way I felt it was relevant at the time. I always remember brilliant quote by Valentina:  "I believe that glamour, like every mystery, in the end is all about the pure science of proportion". To me it is almost never about symmetry: it is more about unexpected angles, the quality of materials and details that go into the creation of the hats. I never, actually, saw full dramatic effect of "Vertigo" while it was on the mannequin. It is only when we were shooting the Collection and I fitted our model - "Vertigo" came to life. 
'Vertigo" became more than just a hat, it taught me how to appreciate the effect of the "partial face concealment" in hat design. Powerful effect.. I think, I now understand why Isabella Blow loved hats that would hide her face, deliberately destructing anyone from really seeing it. The effect is not only powerful, it creates it ALL: theater, drama, comedy, transformation - all lives with in one hat. "Vertigo" became one of the favorite hats to order. Just with in the past month I created 6 of them: four in black, one in red and one in white. Black remains my favorite version.
 "Vertigo" demanded only the best all the way through production starting form the careful choice of 9 different types of fabrics (including french veiling, Chantilly lace, silk Illusion just to name a few) to the creation of the jeweled encrusted and embroidered center. One of the greatest hats I had a privilege to work with!


The Gossamer Tearoom said...

So beautiful and mysterious! I love it, Dear Anya!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


lorenabr said...

Gorgeous as always!

VM Creation Atelier said...


What can I say about this one creation besides only stunning qoulity,amazing ''drama'' ideas and I feel also a very big emotions after your ''Vertigo''..................

Perfect,beautiful design and using all of these materials making your creation absolutely special,not ONE of another like this!!!

I ish you relaxed,lovely weekend,my dear friend:-)*

Much Love,