Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Wishing Everyone Happy St. Valentine's Day With "Florentine" Hat, "Sanctum" Collection.

 Here is something you, probably, did not know about me - I am not a great fan of St. Valentine's Day at all. Maybe because I never had to celebrate this day alone and, as a result, I became a  proud owner of the extensive collection of teddy bears in all shapes, colors and sizes holding hearts, balloons, note cards, gift pouches and what was once a tiny boxes of chocolates in there paws. I stopped counting the number of teddy bears after 24th. Last year I, finally, resolved to retire the entire army of Valentine's teddy bears and packed them away in the attic. Is it possible that the older we get, the less excited we get about things like Valentine's Day? :-)
 The only reminder of how excited I once was about Valentine's Day is my daughter Anastasia, who is literally driving me mad about the right choice of Valentine dress, shoes, make up and hair. She is looking forward to spending her Valentine's Day with her boyfriend and I find myself not that excited at all: she is almost 18 which makes me almost 100. One thing I love about Valentine's Day is the color red. For a week or two there grey February days become infused with the pallet of reds, fuchsias and pink as every little boutique decorates front windows with all sorts of cheesy cupids and hearts of all sizes.:-)
 To those of you who are still excited about celebrating St.Valentine's Day I wish it will bring you joy and happiness. Love on its own is a pretty spectacular thing and if you are a lucky girl (or guy) who has special someone and love celebrating - Happy St. Valentine's Day!
For this post I chose "Florentine" hat f my new "Sanctum" Collection. Sculpted, jeweled, orchid piece in the color of Love. :-)


VM Creation Atelier said...

This design hat ´´Florentine is absolutely DIVINE,dearest Anya!!!

And I think,you are right about celebrating of Valentine´s Day....
It´s indeed,how older...how less:-)***
But,OMG,Anechka,dear your are SURE not old!!!
Your very young mind,creative and full of freshness makes me always HAPPY and smile!

Just wish you,my dear,dear friend: enjoy your day no matter or is a Valentine's or not:-)))*

Sending you my heart warmed hugs,


Ren said...

Like you, I don't really like Valentine's Day. I haven't been excited about it since I was about 12 years old. I realized that it was trouble when I saw my classmates measuring their boyfriends' affection for them by how much of his allowance was spent on their gift. It seemed a bit shallow.
I do love your hat, though. It's positively beautiful. The rich colors and velvety texture of the flowers against the delicate webbing of the netting is an ode to nature and is truly elegant.

lorenabr said...

Love it! Your hat is wonderful!

melissa said...

Good Morning, I am a dressmaker out in Utah. I can feel a bit isolated out here and when that happens, I check your blog. You always come through with wonderful words, over the top images, and just a good jolt of creativity. Thank you! Your work is amazing.