Friday, March 1, 2013

My Atelier For FLAIR Italy, March 2013. Geisha Editorial.

 It is always a thrill to collaborate with stylists especially if you are getting contacted by the office of brilliant Sissy Vian."Geisha" editorial was the theme of the photo shoot back in January for the March Issue of Italian Flair and I was commissioned to create several hats preferably in black, white and red pallet. Not an easy task especially since you are always given just few short days to come up with something suitable. I ended up creating several versions from the simpler to more complicated. The most complicated version I named "Samurai" (you don't see this hat here). While working on "Samurai" the hat took a life of its own and I ended up with extremely dominant piece that could not be used for the photo shoot: it would dominate the entire selection of wardrobe + it would not feet into the frame of images. :-) 
 Japanies theme is something I have been researching for a long time: the colors, the culture, the meaning behind certain symbols.  I recently had a student from Japan who brought spectacular gift set of beautiful origami paper - I have been playing with it for a while patiently studding the art of creating complex figures out of paper. I was also surprised to see floral piece made it to the second editorial in the same issue of Italian Flair. It is collaborations like this that keep you going and also the fact that the final result can look so beautiful and so different for what you have envisioned in the first place. Thank you Italian Flair!


VM Creation Atelier said...

Hello,dearest Anya!

Again and again we can see your powerfull coming forward with much passion and creativity and really new opportunities in Fashion world.....

I admire it so very much!!!
Looks absolutely stunning,especially these colour palett just unbelivebly another,simply beautiful!:-)))*

Wish you,my dear friend bright,wonderful weekend,

Much Love,

lorenabr said...

Gorgeous as always! I love Japan and it's fashon art, designs.
My very first fashion collection was inspired by the samurai and the hakama.

Giorgia said...

wonderful post!!!
I love Japan
new post on my blog dedicated to Tim Walker