Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Brilliant Students, Part 1: "Chapeau Egoiste. Atelier De Modiste", Russia.

 Since announcing the opening of my Millinery School few years ago, I had a privilege of meeting many extraordinary, gifted, talented people who often traveled very long distances from all the way across the world to study in my Atelier. I stay in touch with almost all of my students and truly treasure my friendship with each and very one of them. They inspire me, surprise me and encourage me in so many different ways! During the months of April and May, I will be posting series of articles about those of my students who, after studding with me, went on creating millinery magic and opening there own successful Ateliers. There are not enough words to describe how happy I feel to see the talent of my former students shine. And so, today, I am introducing to you "Chapeau Egoiste. Atelier De Modiste", based in Novosibirsk (Siberia Region), Russia.
 Svetlana and Denis (husband and wife team) studied with me last year over the period of two month. To say that I was thrilled to have them in my class is to say nothing at all: eager to learn, extremely dedicated to mastering craftsmanship, patient and endlessly gifted, I new I had a very special couple in training with a capacity of becoming  amazing millinery designers. Not a single detail, not a single little stitch was unimportant to them - the approach that thrilled me to no end  since I am a great believer in attention to details. It clearly shows in their work. Here on the picture above you see a gorgeous hat named "Shoes". Svetlana and Denis worked on this hat after arriving from the US home.  When I first received images of this hat I simply froze in my chair: impeccable craftsmanship, invisible stitching, complexity of the design and brilliant execution of the design  - this was a work of master milliner.
 This hat, was inspired by  the pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes Svetlana received as a gift here, in the US. :-)
 Some of the hats Svetlana and Denis created after studding with me were inspired by their stay in New York, like, for example, this beautiful darling hat named "NYC Aquarium".
 This little hat named "Leaf Fall" was actually created during the Millinery Course here, in my Atelier. I have seen what a great attention to every single bit of the composition went into this fabulous little creature and another thing: I am blown away by the quality of the images and presentation.
 Another fabulous hat - turban, mandatory hat of the Millinery Course, was also created by Svetlana and Denis in my Atelier. Turban, as I like to say, is a great indicator of how patient the student really is. Turbans often became the subject matter of frustration and even tears. Flawless execution of this very complicated design by Svetlana and Denis (they created two turbans, one of which you see on the picture above), the way both of them approached the process, the way they embraced every single difficulty along the way  made me appreciate them even more.
 This gorgeous hat named "Manhattan" was created long after our Millinery Course together. If guys would ask me to pick my favorite hat by them "Manhattan" would be right there in the list of top ten. Great work and flawless execution of my method of the "wrapped edge" - not every one can master this edge closure.
 Another hat named "June 17th" was also created by Svetlana or Denis (can't recall who exactly worked on this hat) in my Atelier. Fabulous little cloche, chic and elegant - I know what a joy it brought once it was finished!
 This beret named "Choosing My Way" was another fabulous little creation Svetlana and Denis worked on in their Atelier in Novosibirsk after returning from the US. I love the seeming simplicity of it. :-)
 In the beginning of March Sevtalana and Denis entered their first competition in Millinery( theme: cartoon, computer game villain/hero) with this two entries below: "Gorgona" hat blew me out of my socks. I can not even begin to imagine what went into creation of this head piece and I swear, if you look at this image in high resolution with a magnifying glass you will not find a single flaw, a single stitch out of place.
 When I was preparing the series of articles on the work of my students it suddenly occurred to me that it is not me who really make a difference, it is them - talented, dedicated, generous and kind bring joy into my life with their work, new designs, news of another exciting project. Every time I receive an e-mail with something in attachment, I feel almost as if I am just about to open a gift. Since leaving my Atelier in the Summer of 2012, Svetlana and Denis went on to opening their own Atelier they named " Chapeau Egoiste. Atelier De Modiste", based in Novosibirsk, Russia. In high demand, they are now designing their own Collections and bespoke hats to order. You can visit their website www.chapeauegoiste.ru to see more fabulous hats. Guys, I know you are probably reading it right now - I just want you to know how truly proud I am of you and what you have been able to achieve. I cherish our friendship and I look forward to more phenomenal hats from 'Chapeau Egoiste. Atelier De Modiste".
Images by: Yirii Svirin, Model: Milana Plekhanova, Make Up Artist: Svetlana Zhukova. All hats are created by 'Chapeau Egoiste.Atelier de Modiste"


VM Creation Atelier said...

Аня,дорогая Аня!!!

Извините,что так эммоционально обращаюсь к Вам......:-)*

Мой слабоватый английский здесь бессилен,чтобы описать все чуства и ощущения после прочтения Вашего нового поста!

С самого начала хочу сказать о том,как же восхитительно что на Вашем творческом пути встертились и встречаюстся такие прекрасные талантливые ученики как Денис и Светлана!!!
Могу себе очень хорошо представить Ваши чуства,как учителя,видя такие мастрески исполненные талантливые работы!

Кроме миллионов восклицательных знаков здесь мне безумно хочется сказать так же,что и Светлане и Денису,а так же еще многим другим Вашим ученикам неимоверно повезло в том,что именно ВЫ,Аня были их учителем!:-)*
Потомучто развернуть,раскрыть свой талант можно при помощи достаточно многих средств,в том числе и финансовых,НО.........
Настоящий Талант самого учителя,личности его-это одно из самых наиважнейших условий в достижении самых высоких и прекрасных целей!!!

С преогромным удовольствием зайду на страницу сайта Светланы и Дениса,чтобы насладится просмотром их творческих,талантливых работ!

Искренне,от всей души желаю Вам прекрасной творческой недели и встречи Пасхи:-)))*

Обнимаю Вас,


Natalia A said...

Аня, можно я просто напишу "Обалденно". Я знаю, что это ну практически слэнг, но какие же они молодцы!!! За одно только качество их хочется обнять - просто невероятный труд и результаты. В общем, каков учитель - такие и ученики. :) Горжусь вами всеми.

Светлана и Денис Гуляевы said...

Виолетта, Наталия, огромное Вам спасибо за такие отзывы! Всегда очень приятно, кога твою работу замечают и ценят.
Вы совершенно правы - нам очень повезло, что Аня была нашим учителем. Строгим и требовательным учителем, дающим при этом бесконечно много... Бескомпромиссное ее отношение к качеству работы, внимание к деталям, терпение и внимательное отношение к нам, ученикам - все это дало такой толчок нашему профессиональному развитию! Аня потрясающий человек! Общение с ней изменило нас навсегда, и мы всегда с большой теплотой и восторгом будем помнить дни, проведенные в Ателье.
Аня, мы Вас любим!
Ваши вечные поклонники и благодарные ученики, Светлана и Денис.