Tuesday, March 5, 2013

"Silverlake", Sanctum Collection.

 I woke up today to the magnificent view out of my window: fog covering  trees, ground and the bay almost as if someone took a giant cut of silk illusion tulle in ivory and covered it all making sure that the edges of this cut are distressed on purpose. It felt familiar, magic and serene at the same time. I saw it only once before, very long time ago when I was almost 15: we traveled miles on foot into the mountains for almost 4 days when we came upon secluded lake hidden from the view. It had no name and it was not marked on the map.
 I remember the sunrise at this lake: so glorious and so powerful  it lit everything around into the phenomenal orchestra of silver sparkles - even ever present morning fog could not contain that effect. I decided to give a name to the lake and named it a Silverlake. I often retrieve to my memories in search of the inspiration for my designs and so this time, when the preliminary work on the "Sanctum" was just beginning and I was sketching out my hats, I thought it is time to create "Silverlake". The most difficult part of the hat was creating a tiny crown in the middle  hand made out of Swarovski clear beads, pear shaped pearls and painted in silver acrylic paint. It took me almost 3 days to create a crown dressed in distressed silk tulle and embellished with gold framed quartz. It looks even more beautiful in person.
 "Silverlake" now lives in my Atelier, it is one of the hats that is not just a hat to me, it is an embodiment of the  precious  memory. Ultimately, it is not a memory I wish to part with...


VM Creation Atelier said...

Hello,dear,dear Anya!

I see this creation as your really Fairy tale story.....very soft,but very power in the same time:-)))*

Just amazing story behind of this design hat....full of magic,beauty and indeed very fond memories of you!!!

Your new creation breathtaking gorgeous....
And,Oh my Godness HOW unbelivebly great done!!!
I can say: absolutely Master piece!
Oh,HOW much I want to see it in a real life....:-)))*

Sending to you my warm hugs and LOVE,

Natalia A said...

Kak Snezhnaya koroleva.... Kakaya krasota, Anya! Zavorazhivaet. x

Giorgia said...

Amazing post great photos!

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Armando y Montez said...

Wow! This is one of my favorite hats ever.. You are masterful. Fantastic. Congratulations on such a wonderfully creative person you are.