Friday, March 15, 2013

The Lady With The Dog.

 Once in a while I get very tired of being in a constant state of production. The new collection is only half way through, there are pending orders, there are special projects, there are million little things you have to think about when you are running your own Atelier: like, for example, spending very long and boring afternoon with my brilliant bookkeeper because it is time to file taxes or spend what seemed like endless hours on the phone trying to arrange a very special delivery from Madrid, Spain for a very special photo shoot, write an hour long lecture requested by one very respectful Historical Society, prepare for the workshop for 30 people, sketch out new additional designs, assemble swatch book for the new Collection, responding to never ending e-mails - all of it while maneuvering between appointments and fittings...well, it is just the way it is. Many of you know that feeling as if the walls are closing in. My way of dealing with it is a day or two to myself, away from the madness of day to day business operation.Yes, that's right, I learned how to walk away as soon as I feel the pressure building up. An "ostrich method" of sorts.
 And so, this week, I checked myself into Plaza for two days of uninterrupted, selfish ( don't you just love this word?), quite time. Those of you who know me personally, know that I don't own a cell phone and I do not own a car. I can tell you even more, the day you will learn I have a cell phone, please, call my doctor, because, clearly I must be out of my mind. I am an extremely privet person and fight for every inch of my privacy. The idea that someone can reach me any time day or night - well, not happening! So, anyway, I spent my entire Plaza getaway in the bubble bath reading (yet again) a book of short stories by Anton Chekhov, drinking Irish coffee ( St.Patrick's day is almost here) and watching old Hollywood movies. One of the stories entitled  "The Lady With The Dog" got me thinking about the image that became almost iconic since 1899: the lady with the dog. Seen in so many editorials of glossy fashion publications, in so many variations, photographed by so many renowned photographers it is as alive and relevant today as it was well over hundred years ago. And so, today, I am posting a Collection of images representing "The Lady With The Dog". The best part of it: the Lady always wears a hat just like during Chekhov's time. And in some case the dog wears a hat too. :-))))) I hope this post will bring smile to your face. :-) Wishing everyone fantastic weekend ahead!

All images are courtesy of Vogue archives.


The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Oh Dear Anya!
I am so happy to know that you are able to take time away from your busy life sometimes! What a treat it must be to just check into The Plaza and leave the world behind for a while!

Thank you for the lovely pictures of the ladies with their doggies of all shapes and sizes!! My Dear Blinken and Chloe were not elegant like any of these but they were my loves and I look forward to having another dog someday!

Wishing you a most wonderful day!


VM Creation Atelier said...

Hello,my dear,dear friend Anya!

Today I road your post here....and I must not only smile,but most thinking:''HOW is this girl can do everything in her amazing studio and still remain SO creative person....???''
That's enormously mentally heavy work ALL things to prepare,because you want to continue,because you want to perform and achieve a perfect,beautiful result in your creations!
And ALL these things together in your mind.....................
Isn't TOO much???

Dearest Anya,

Your positive and creative settings in your mind must also need a little take a break:-)))*
Your inner batteries are emptied and they must be recharged.....

I am SO glad for you,you take a little rest:-)))*

Enjoy all your time there,

Sending to you my warm sunchine hugs,

Giorgia said...

Hi dear! how are you?
I love your blog and this fantastic post
you are very original;)

....and I love my dog;)