Friday, March 22, 2013

The "Poison" Hat, "Sanctum" Collection.

 Today I had all together different post prepared for blogging, but decided to change my mind and instead introduce you to another hat of my "Sanctum" Collection I named "Poison". It is all about rich reds and golds inspired by one of the most beloved Russian Fairy Tales. I, of course, realize that there are far more scenarios in existence which involve poisoned apple. ;-) It was a fun hat to work on but there were plenty of challenges as well.
 First of all, it is never easy to work with real leaves covered in gold: they are too fragile and delicate, secondly gold plating an apple was somewhat of a project of its own. The hat came out very light and easy to wear and I have already sent out several versions of it with yellow apples and green apples to my customers overseas.
 Another week is over, almost end of March and I see light snow covering the ground out of my window. This past two weeks of cold weather passed by unnoticed. I spent a part of it attending some very tense and time consuming meetings in the City, in preparation for a major event of my career. Right now I know that I never worked as hard as I am working right now. I hope to share everything with you very soon, but until then I have to keep everything a secret. I am wishing everyone wonderful weekend. :-)))


VM Creation Atelier said...

Anya, make it SOoooo exscited!

Your new creation ''Poison'' bring me back into a dreamland....
HOW fantatsic are those colors: Red and Gold together,just amazing,breathless nice!!!

And truly,looks beayond beautiful,Anya!!!
I can almost smell this odor......

I look SO much forward to your new exscited post,dear Anya,ful of surprise and wonderful feelings:-)))*

I wish to you too great weekend,

Sending to you my heartwarming virtual hugs!


Giorgia said...

Hi, Very nice post!

Have a nice day