Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The "September Issue" .

 You know, I often get asked if I create simpler, more subtle hats in my Atelier and I always respond with "yes, of course". :-) It all depends on the mood I am in if I am creating for my own Collection and if I am working on the order for the client - it is all about how far the client is willing to go in her/his choices of color combination, size of the hat and design. I, probably, will never be able to count exactly how many black velvet  pillboxes, simple fedoras, basic fascination and headbands I created along the way. This is a kind of work I call "fingers and mind vocation". To me "subtle" never means "boring" and while I have tremendous respect for the simplicity of classic design, I always try to make an effort to tell a story especially when  I am working on the smaller, more wearable hats.
 This is the "September Issue", a little hat I created out of draped pleated silk, chocolate brown velvet and golden leafs. You know, every time I visit Paris, it is almost always in September. And you if you ever walked through Paris in September, you probably remember that magnificent, thick smell of coffee in the air: it makes your head spin. It makes you, literally, stop in your tracks and sit down for a cup or two or three in one of the open terrace Parisian cafes. Time no longer exists. It became an issue for me: I am almost never late, but somehow I was always late in Paris. :-) A cup of coffee, Parisian streets touched by golden leafs and a fresh, September issue of Vogue Paris - all contributed to the creation of this hat. :-) You will be surprised to learn that the leafs on the hat are real. They are stiffened and than gold plated - a unique technique I was trying to crack for a while and , finally, after a lot of testing was able to achieve.   The Spring is almost in the air but I, somehow, miss September in Paris. :-)


The Gossamer Tearoom said...

So very beautiful, Dear Anya! Such lovely colors together and so much richness, even in a small, more "simple" hat! I am very impressed that you make the gold leaves yourself!!


VM Creation Atelier said...

Oh,dear,dear Anya........!!!

HOW magnificent beautiful is your design again and absolutely beautiful story behind of it:-)))*

I do ADORE Paris always,but in September that's true,do you get there very special feelings....
I can imagine your feeling so good!

And,what I do admire most this is your thoughts when do you makes your creations: that's SO true,you never know how far you can go....and making process takes you somewhere to the endless development and discovery trip!
And this is wonderful:-)))*

I wish to you fantatsic creative week,my dear friend,

Much Love,

tracy | Designer Communion Dresses said...

Simple yet brilliant.