Friday, April 12, 2013

My Brilliant Students, Part 3: Lynda Marie Couture Millinery, Canada, Victoria BC.

 In continuation of the posts about my talented students, today I would like to introduce to you  Lynda - a beautiful face behind Lynda Marie Couture Millinery based in Canada, Victoria BC.  Lynda traveled all the way from Canada to study with me on more than one occasion and each time it has been a true pleasure, a joy to have Lynda with me in my Class. We, somehow, ended up having a great time even when the heat was not working in the Atelier for more than 10 days after super storm Sandy. No credit to me here, I was a basket case after loosing our home. It is my students and more specifically Lynda who kept me together, inspired me, moved me and made me believe that things will be OK. 
 Lynda is truly a multi-talented person: she owns a beautiful Floral business in Canada called "Chocolate Lily Floral Design". Here you see Lynda (right) with her business partner beautiful Clair (left) picture above, both hats created by Lynda. What separated Lynda for me from the rest of the Class was endless patience, tremendous sense of color composition and the ability to create the most beautiful embellishments, unique embroidery with beads, pearls, sequins and gold thread. This strenuousness attention to detail often causes frustration and even tears but it was not the case when it came to Lynda. She was always able to see the end result without really having a clear idea on what exactly it would look like. I think it is because Lynda understands color better than anyone I have ever worked with.
 This is one of the hats Lynda created in my class, a little beautiful bowler with slightly relaxed brim and beautiful embroidery along the crown. Lynda took this project and made it her own - very rare quality in my students I appreciate the most. Since studding with me Lynda went on creating "Lynda Marie Couture Millinery" based in Canada, Victoria BC and even though my beautiful Lynda is at the very beginning of her millinery career I have no doubt we will see spectacular hats created by her. On the personal note, sometimes people enter your life unexpectedly and you find yourself almost in love with their character and personality. It happens to me very rarely and this is exactly what happened to me when I met Lynda. It was difficult not to become friends with her and I am now happy to call her my friend and my confidante.
 Here is another fabulous little bridal number created by Lynda.
 "Chocolate Lily" pill box hat was created by Lynda during the first Session she studied with me. Pill box is also a mandatory hat of the course and I think Lynda did such an amazing job!
 You can find Lynda  right here , I know the work on the site is still in progress and I can not wait to see what Lynda has been working on so far. I am sure it will be something very chic, delicate and rich in detail. :-) I am wishing all of you wonderful weekend filled with beautiful people   and interesting things to do. :-)
Photography by Syncphoto, Model Deanna Reid, all hats created by Lynda Marie Couture Millinery


Natalia A said...

Anya, they are gorgeous and you are such a fantastic teacher!!! x

VM Creation Atelier said...

Anya,my dearest friend Anya....:-)*

HOW anchanted wonderful is Linda's designs and what an amazing person she is!!!

This wedding design hat is just an pearl!

Anya,how much Iam happy for you and for your students:-)))*

Wish to you beautiful weeken,

Much Love,

brudka said...

I just going to see yours beautifuls hats! I'm proud of you. When I listen Adèle (all the time) I think of you and ours good moments in Babylon.