Friday, April 5, 2013

My Brilliant Students, Part 2: Millinery & Miscellanea By Elaine, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Today, in continuation of the series of the posts about my very talented students, I would like to introduce to you Elaine - beautiful face behind "Millinery & Miscellanea" by Elaine based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Looking at fantastic hats by Elaine now ( all images in this post) I can't help but remember the first time the door of my Atelier opened and I saw Elaine's amazing smile. She traveled all the way from Florida by car to study with me. Elaine has an incredible smile that lights up the room and she is, by far, one of the most creative people I have ever met. She was also the only student who came to me with suitcases and piles of boxes filled with countless vintage buttons, brooches, accents, tiny figurines, impossible rare feathers - you could get lost in Elaine's collection of ll of it. :-)
 Elaine ultimately stayed with me for two sessions during which she created hats that immediately set her apart from more traditional approach of other students in the same Session.Usually, it takes me a while to push my students out of the comfort zone (sometimes unsuccessfully) and into the field of creative thinking. Elaine, on the other hand, seemed had absolutely no fear and was willing to go anywhere her imagination led her to. Each hat created be Elaine was a story beautifully put together, well though through, rich in detail and extraordinarily visual. There was no fear of color or strange color combinations. Elaine took me on a  journey which felt both liberating and incredibly funny. I remember laughing the entire Session: Elaine is also a great story teller. :-) After the end of the first Session with Elaine I knew that I have a shining star in my possession. :-). Since then we became friends and Elaine came to visit me in my Atelier to share the news in her millinery life.
 Today, Elaine is a master milliner whose latest project included creating a collection of  fantastic hats for the brand named "AOS" Art of Shape for Miami Fashion Week in March of 2013.Congratulations Elaine! I think you did an amazing job. I recognize your unique take on millinery in every single one of your creations. Endlessly proud and hope to see you soon in New York. :-) Since studding with me Elaine went on opening her own Millinery Atelier and now working on creating her website which should be launched very soon. I know that it will be something unique and unusual. For now, if you are in Fort Lauderdale in Florida, stop by the "Millinery & Miscellanea" by Elaine, I guarantee you will not be disappointed. I am wishing everyone creatively beautiful weekend, mine is all about hats, dinner with friends, more hats, movies and again some more hats. :-)

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VM Creation Atelier said...


Such unbelievebly nice collection hat designs of Elaine....

Oh,how talented she is and again-your student!:-)*

Anya,she is indeed very,very good and totally different than another students!!!

Thank you so much for share your story here about Ealine and about her wonderful work!

Wish you beautiful weekend,my dear friend:-)))*

Much Love,