Friday, April 26, 2013

My Brilliant Students, Part 5 : Fielden Willmott Millinery, Lexington, Kentucky.

Another week passed by so fast I think I missed Tuesday, the day I usually blog!  April Session with my students came to an end and I had to say "Good by" to another group of very talented future milliners. Always such an emotional moment for me...So, today I would like to introduce to you Fielden Willmott, my former student and now Milliner with in her own right, a proud owner of Fielden Willmott Millinery based in Lexington, Kentucky. When I think of Fielden (which I do often and always with a smile) three things come to mind: extreme dedication, very clear creative vision and talent. Fielden has proved it once and again when Hurricane Irene landed her and another student of mine from Australia (Caz :-), sending you my love) in the Red Cross Shelter due to the mandatory evacuation. Through the entire ordeal Fielden kept working on her fuchsia velour fedora. Seriously, I think now it is safe to assume that those who choose to study with me are a very special kind of people, I call them unstoppable. So far my students worked through a minor Earthquake, Hurricane Irene, Hurricane Sandy, sometimes without heat... still amazes me at times how on Earth was it  possible to complete anything at all!
 It is difficult for me to believe in this short period of time during which Fielden has managed to accomplish more that some of the professionals who work in the business of Millinery for years. Now, Fielden commands magazine covers (like the one on the top picture) and  has her hats featured in glossy editorials. It takes hard work and dedication, passion, love and discipline - qualities which made Fielden what she is today - brilliant. She also happens to be a beautiful girl with a heart of gold. I am very proud and honored to call her my friend. Since studding with me Fielden opened her own Millinery  - Fielden Willmott Millinery, based in Lexington Kentucky.
 Couple month ago Fielden came to visit me in my Atelier to share wonderful news of opening her own Millinery Studio in Lexington. Fielden brought her new creations and I was left in amazement over delicate, gorgeous hats, the quality of craftsmanship and overall aesthetic of each design.
 I have been delighted to be invited to the opening party for  Fielden's Millinery Studio. Congratulations Fielden! I am getting excited just thinking of all the beautiful hats that will be born there . :-)
 This fabulous, plush, chic velvet turban was created by Fielden in my Class. Here you see an image of the design in progress. I remember how hard Fielden worked on making sure that every single pleat creates not only a unique design but also tells a story. Fielden named it "Mystery Of The Hidden Ruby". Ultimately, it was photographed in Spring 2013 Issue of Story Magazine. Not only that, Fielden wore it to the Milliner's Guild's Bonnet Bash at the National Arts Club in New York and won the Most Glamorous Hat Award. Let me just say - Bravo and well deserved! :-)
 I asked Fielden what was her philosophy behind her work. In her own words: "I believe that a hat or headpiece should make its lucky wearer feel special and unique; that it should be a natural extension of their beauty, their proportions, their personality, their dreams. A hat can provide an opportunity to creatively express one’s personality, to try out the feeling of a louder persona, or to tuck in and hide quietly behind the safety of its brim. Hats offer us the gift of adding a bit of magic and drama to enhance our lives, allowing us to create our own story with rich expression."  What a beautiful approach to millinery, don't you think?
Fielden also shared with me her goals. There are many of them, of course because Fielden is a true dreamer in the most wonderful sense of this word. Here is one of her goals:" I absolutely love working as a creative team. My biggest goal right now is to use my Millinery skills to collaborate with other artists to make pieces that are cross-disciplinary and very unique. Currently, I need to fabricate a series of headpieces that haunt my dreams at night. I don’t believe that I will sleep without waking up to a cold sweat and creative frenzy until these pieces have been given life."  Oh, I know how that feels and I have no doubt Fielden will achieve everything she dreams about.
 So, if you find yourself in Lexington, Kentucky please stop by Fielden's Studio. :-) You can find Fielden right HERE. I know you will not be disappointed. As for me, I am looking forward to seeing Fielden sometime very soon and I am looking forward to many more beautiful hats created by Fielden Willmott Millinery.
 All hats featured in this post created by Fielden Willmott Millinery. Photo by Emily Moseley Photography.

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Syl Kiger said...

Hat Lady:
I never knew your name and always referred to you as "The Hat Lady" during our encounters at WOV.

The Keeneland Article was beautiful about a lovely person.

Cathy and I miss miss The Hat Lady. Maybe you could do a once a month cameo at WOV.

All the best,
Syl Kiger