Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Once Again On The Subject Of "Ears": The "Little Kitty" Hat.

 Let me start with the most important thing of this Tuesday morning - announcing the lucky Winner  of Les Maveilleuses by Laduree Giveaway. Alesya from Boston, congratulations on winning a mystery item of one of the most beautiful French cosmetic lines! Please, contact me with your shipping address via info@anyacaliendo.com . :-)  It feels so great to start another Tuesday on such a positive note. Actually, many things make me smile this days and one of them - small hats with big character. Since the end of March has been all about Bunny, I think April has to be just a little bit about another world favorite hat with kitty ears. I could not help but create my version of it deviating from the regular choice of black lace. It quickly became one of the most popular hats to order in my Atelier, seems like young girls between the age of 17 and 24 adore kitty ears and don't hesitate to wear them just about every day. My daughter Anastasia is also all about "Little Kitty" hat and tells me that this is one of her most favorite hats in my Atelier to date, makes me feel "chic and beautiful" and if I would let her she would wear it to bed too. :-) With that, I am wishing you great week ahead and reminding you that there is nothing more liberating than the feeling of childish enthusiasm in everything you do. :-)


VM Creation Atelier said...

Hello,dearest Anya!

Congrats to very happy winner Alesya....:-)))*

And Anya,

HOW sweet and beautiful is your Kitty hat!!!
Oh,this creation is SO flirty and so playful...
I love these small ears and so refined made as always!:-)))*

Sending to you my warmest hugs,

Always yours,

Giorgia said...

Love your hat!