Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Hats Of "Rita's Last Fairy Tale" By Renata Litvinova.

One of my latest discoveries and now almost obsessions is the movie created by producer, director, designer, actress and writer, impossibly talented Renata Litvinova entitled "Rita's Last Fairy Tale". I came across this movie almost by accident while working in my Atelier and now, almost 3 weeks later, can not stop thinking about it. I ended up watching it four times. Turns out "Rita's Last Fairy Tale" had the same effect on many of my friends: by the end of the first time watching the movie you almost feel scared that, by accident, you missed something very important.
If you would ask me to describe the genre of the movie, I would have to say  it is partially a drama, partially a fairy tale, partially a comedy, partially a haunting tragedy with strong touch of surrealism, where each dialogue feels almost like a small revelation. The story line is very simple - the Death, played by glamorous Renata, accompanies one of the main characters of the story, Rita, during her last days on Earth. The "Soul Collector", as Renata calls her character, has a substantial wardrobe of both dramatic, very high fashion gowns and accessories to wear when she is by herself, as well as more demure outfits which she wears to be among people. Every single piece of wardrobe: scarves, hats, brooches, impossibly inappropriately used gowns  were carefully chosen by Renata to serve one single purpose: to create  powerful visual effect. Brilliantly done. I could not take my eyes off the screen even for a second.
Many of the items of the wardrobe were pulled by Renata from her own wardrobe, including her Grandma's necklace in brilliant red, scarves and even impossible Chanel decorative combs and head bands were used in an unexpected manner. Some of the costumes for the movie were initially sketched by Renata. I, of course, was mesmerized by the head gear: the most dramatic of which was a head dress created by Kostya Gaidai. Heavily decorated Kokoshnik in black ordered by Renata for the fist few opening scenes of the movie.
Another dramatic piece is the hat made out of smoking cigarettes in a shape of the butterfly (the symbol of Death) and worn by the main character in one of the scenes. I have to confess - it had a mind blowing effect on me: the scene itself, the costumes, the dialogue - I literally can not stop thinking about it even today. There were many vintage hats used in the movie, but those that were created specifically for the movie feel very organic, in direct correlation with each particular scene. "Rita's Last Fairy Tale" is one of the most beautiful intellectual movies I have seen in years and I would recommend to anyone who speaks Russian to watch it and than watch it again. The taboo subject of touching the mortality and not being scared by it, the idea that Death itself can look glamorous, gentle, kind and capable of meaningful conversations - there is something deeply personal in this movie.

I am leaving you with the images form "Rita's last Fairy Tale" and wishing you wonderful Tuesday. :-) My new Collection is in full production along with many orders for Kentucky Derby and my wonderful students who are working very hard on creating their first hats. :-)))

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