Friday, May 3, 2013

My Brilliant Students, Part 6: Fanny & June Millinery , Nashville, Tennessee.

 When I planned a series of posts dedicated to my wonderful students, I thought that I would have enough time to post about every one of them over the months of April and May. Turns out - it looks like I would have to continue posting in September and October since I usually don't blog over the Summer.It is a blessing to be surrounded by talented, passionate people whose energy I feel present in my life every day. Today I would like you to meet Anna - my former student and a beautiful face behind millinery label Fanny & June, based in Nashville, Tennessee. :-)
 When Anna arrived in my Class she already new a lot about Millinery and has done beautiful hats. Anna is one of the creative souls whose hunger for new techniques led her to study  in Paris and London, before she landed to study with me in New York. Anna's previous teachers included the head Milliner for Gaultier and Ian Bennett. And so in search of new techniques Anna started her Session with me and it quickly became very obvious that she is not only very talented but also one of the fastest working students I have ever had in my Class. Usually, I don't consider speed a good virtue when it comes to Millinery, but in Anna's case craftsmanship did not suffer one single bit and so I did not mind. This fabulous little  leopard pill box was created in my class. I think Anna has managed to whip it in a minute or so. :-)))))
 In her Nashville studio Anna designs beautiful, delicate pieces in pastels and classic color combinations.  Anna's millinery aesthetic is elegantly simple and chic. When I think of Anna's work I feel as if I just took a breath of fresh air. What does it for me is the way Anna understands how important it is for the hat to complement a beauty of the face, her hats always seem to create a perfect framing, just the right accent to complete the look.
 Here is another example of the hat Anna managed to create in my Class. One of more complex designs involving classic "bucket" cloche hat, not easy to complete at all! I think overall, Anna created 7 or 8 hats during the Course ( a record number since many of my students manage to create 5 hats during the Course) - all extremely challenging technically and each one of them was done beautifully!
 You can find Anna right HERE and if you are ever in Nashville, I encourage you to stop by Anna's studio and see her hats in person. :-) I am sure you will fall in love not only with Anna's hats, but also with Ann's beautiful smile. :-)
 Today Anna continues to create beautiful hats in her studio in Nashville. She also started a beautiful little Blog I love to visit and read ( right HERE).  Right now Anna is preparing for Steeplechase - the biggest hat event of the year in Nashville and she is also a proud member of Millinery Guild of Southern California. 
 Finally, a little story Anna shared with me about this chic little beret she created in my Class. A while ago Anna went to a book signing in Nashville. The author of the book who happened to be Vogue's Grace Coddington complemented Anna on her hat. Since Grace Coddington is not one to hand out complements lightly, Anna was left happy and inspired. Who wouldn't be? After-all, it is Grace herself! :-)))) I am wishing all of you wonderful weekend, I know that mine will be all about production, production and more production. The wave of orders for Kentucky Derby is, finally, over with the last one being picked up today. I am looking forward to continuing working on my new Collection. :-)


Sherry "Edie" & Marie Antionette said...

I have never seen such a fabulous collection of hats! Extraordinary! I hope to visit all of them. Thank you for sharing such talented artisans with us!

Have a grand week! Sherry

Tracy | Chief Princess said...

Delightful Hats. Thank you for making us aware of another talented milliner.