Friday, May 17, 2013

My Brilliant Students, Part 7: Ma Belle Mademoiselle, Orlando, Florida.

 Today I am thrilled to introduce to you another one of my very talented students, a gorgeous face behind "Ma Belle Mademoiselle", based in Orlando Florida, Elena.  "Me Belle Mademoiselle" creates fabulous little hats for ladies and children - very rare combination in Millinery business and really a gold mine since every new mother wants to set an example for her daughter and every little daughter wants to follow it. :-) Elena's own daughter Ksusha (you see her on the second picture) is the best representation of this statement, in my opinion -  a natural born model and an adorable example of tiny fashionista in love with hats. :-)
I have heard many different opinions on the subject of smaller hats, many tend to think that small hats are easy in production. I, on the other hand, think of small hats as the most difficult in terms of design. When you work with larger shapes, the shape itself  is often enough to create a statement. Smaller hats are far more demanding and that is exactly where Elena shines like a star - the detailing on each and every one of the hats she creates, color combinations she uses, not to mention superb craftsmanship - it feels as if you are looking at a jewel. :-) I remember Elena in Class as one of the most inquisitive, talented, very detail oriented, with very clear directions student I have ever met. This and her sparkling personality. :-)))) I smile every time I think of Elena and so grateful to be her friend.
 Before studding with me Elena worked on creating fabulous little knitted hats for babies and children. When I saw her work for the very first time, I was absolutely stunned by the beauty  of each and every single piece. So much so that I picked up a pair of knitting needles, some yarn and, inspired by Elena, tried to teach myself how to knit. I have to say, I did very good and even managed to finish two hats (one in pink with flowers and one in navy blue), but not nearly as good as Elena! Since studding with me Elena is now working on expending her Millinery into several new directions. She has an overwhelming number of orders in production + she is working on her very first new Collection. You can find Elena's  store right HERE
 Every time I see new hat from Elena, I feel like someone just handed me a box of chocolates. I think I ran out of words long time ago and all I can say is it is a true privileged to see Elena develop into superb milliner, with very clear vision, fantastic visual presentation and well deserved praise from her clients. My hat is off to you, Elena!!! :-)
 I am leaving you with this amazing collection of millinery confections by Elena (what a great way to start my day!) All  images in this post are photographed by Tamara Knight and Phelan M. Ebenhack. I hope you will enjoy every single one of them. :-)


VM Creation Atelier said...

О, Боже.....какое маленькое чудо!:-)*
И какие восхитительные фотографии доченьки во всех креациях Елены......!!!
Лицо расплывается в улыбке и просто с огромным наслаждением рассмотрела все детали и неописуемо милые работы Вашей ученицы,дорогая Аня!

Прекрасных Вам выходных,

Обнимаю мысленно,

Tamara Knight said...

Anya, thank you for this beautiful post! If you ran out of words when you see Elena's creations, then what can I say us, prostih smertnih? She is a true talent!!! And I am honored to know her personally and to own a couple of her beautiful pieces!