Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Polina's Work On The New Production Of "Nutcracker", Bolshoi Theater of Ballet in Minsk.

 Today I have decided to post about the work of my phenomenal sister Polina who, as you may know, until recently worked in Bolshoi Theater of Ballet, costume production studios. The work on new production of legendary "Nutcracker" began months ago and promised to be one of the main events of the Ballet Season.The new version of "Nutcracker" was produced by the amazing choreographer Alexandra Tikhomirova . In addition, one of the world famous artists Yuri Kuper, whose work kept in the greatest museums of the world, from Tretiakov Gallery to Metropolitan Museum of Art, contributed to the tremendous success of new production by designing beautiful costumes and background sets for the stage. 
 Polina shared with me that once she saw preliminary sketches of "Nutcracker", she new she is out for a ride. While the production of such a large number of costumes is always a great effort of the entire team of professionals, Polina had her work cut out for her. She was responsible for the tedious task of "crystallizing" every single costume: embroidering each an every one of them with Swarovski crystals, placing tiny little stones exactly were they were suppose to be for the maximum effect on stage, powdering costumes with gold dust, creating shapes and beading them to make sure that the magic on stage is real. The techniques she brought into production has never been implemented before by the costume production studios of the Theater.What impressed me the most is the fact that Polina did not have any help doing it, she beaded, embroidered, gold dusted not only the costumes for the stage performance but also so called "spares" which are kept in case of the main costume "injury". Tremendous amount of work, maddening hours, months of labor of love. All of it payed of on the day of the Premiere when the new version of "Nutckracker" opened to the fantastic reviews.
 The new "Nutcracker" was so beautifully done, that some officials decided to enhance the truth by stating that the costumes were produced by the seamstresses invited from overseas. None of them, of course, as it usually happens, bothered to give credit to the name of my sister (Polina Kolesnikova) and all those who worked countless hours on production of what is now proclaimed to be "the pride and glory" of the stage. 
 After the premiere of "Nutcracker" Polina decided to leave Bolshoi Theater of Ballet in Minsk and now opened her new company named "Vertigo" which specializes in beading and embroidery. As soon as the website will be available I, of course, will share it with you. I am so tremendously proud of my baby sister! :-)))). Her talent is absolutely unique and she is looking forward to the future contracts with various ballet companies and costume designers.
 I am wishing everyone fantastic Tuesday and hope you enjoy the rest of the images from the new production of "Nutcracker".  All images are courtesy of citydog.by and courtesy of my sister Polina who snapped couple of images while in production. :-)


Natalia A said...

Аня, какая же она талантливая!!!! Невероятной красоты работа. И так мне было противно читать о том, что всю эту красоту приписали кому-то еще! Мне кажется, можно многое простить, но когда крадут идеи или "забывают" о создателях, ниже уже только плинтус... Очень рада, что Полина от них ушла и на 100000000% уверена, что все у нее будет просто замечательно. А вообще, лучше бы ей, конечно, в Париж или Лондон...

Dandy said...

Beautiful! She is obviously so talented. I am sure she will find a lot of clients who appreciate her. :)

Sherry "Edie" & Marie Antionette said...

Hi Anya -

Polina is absolutely amazing! The costumes are gorgeous and it takes great talent to create such beauty. I am an amateur sewer for 50 yrs now and truly appreciate the hard work it must take to do what Polina does.

Best wishes to Polina in her new venture! And thank you for sharing your baby sister's talent with us.

Blessings & hugs, Sherry

VM Creation Atelier said...

Аня дорогая,здравствуйте!

Какое великолепное чуство должно быть у Вас.....:-)))*
Просто чудесно талантливая Полина,какие безумно восхитительные работы!!!
У Вас в семье наверное все такие огромные и неповторимые таланты как Вы и Полина:)))

Буду ждать с огромным нетерпением выхода в свет интернетсайта Полины....

Желаю Вам,милая,дорогая Аня прекрасной недели!