Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Signing Off For The Summer With One Very Special Photo Shoot! :-)

 The month of May is almost over and for the fourth time since the beginning of this Blog I am signing off for the Summer. Well, not entirely! Traditionally, my Summer is always very busy with production, students, travelling, preparation for the editorial of  my new Collection and million other things in-between. This particular Summer is very different in so many ways: there will be only one Session with my students, two trips overseas and one truly amazing event I have a team of 12 working on at the moment. This year will mark 5 years since the creation of my brand and I intent to celebrate it in a great way. While all the details are still in works, I can not wait to share it with you. Unlike during previous Blog years, I will post random updates during the Summer to keep you in the loop, so don't forget to check in. :-) My new Collection is ready to be photographed, editorial photo shoot of which is scheduled for this weekend in Manhattan.Today, I would like to share with you a result of larger than life photo shoot from Hamptons, styled by my friend and designer extraordinaire Leonid Gurevich. The very first image is featuring "Petergofe" hat photographed by Sarah Elizabeth Brickey.
Here you see the image of the "Pallet" hat created in my Atelier long time ago, I think this hat was a part of my very first Collection "Je Ne Regrette Rien". The name of the photo is "The Catkeeper". This extrordinary photo shoot was held in Hamptons and lasted 3 days. Leonid Gurevich was responsible for the remarkable styling so that 21 photographers from all over the Globe could join the set to capture each their own vision of the creative bliss. The photo shoot was held in the legendary Hampton's Villa. "The Catkeeper" was photographed by the remarkable Miss Aniela.
While we are still waiting for many more images to come, here you see the series of images created by Benoit Barbe and styled by Leonid Gurevich also a part of the Hamptons photo shoot marathon. "Silverlake" hat of my last "Sanctum" Collection got its shining moment. :-)
             "Silverlake" close up by Benoit Barbe .
                    So much drama! Thank you Benoit!
Another one of my earlier creations "Evening Arbat" designed in 2009 is also featured in the Hamptons photo shoot extravaganza. Photographed by Sarah Elizabeth Brickey, styled by Leonid Gurevich. I always have a soft spot for the orange/cobalt blue color combination.
This image below I wanted to include simply because I think it is truly amazing! The dress was created by Leonid  specifically for the Hamptons photo shoot and I think the photographer Miss Aniela did such a phenomenal work on the image.As soon as I have all other images I will, most certainly share it with you. For now, I am wishing you beautiful Summer. Let it be full of sun, inspiration, new friends and discoveries. I will see you here in several short weeks with a very special announcement!


VM Creation Atelier said...


HOW special and just amazing is these images.....

The first one photo with your exqusitely great hat and a dress of Leonid absolutely stolen my heart!:)))*
And SURE,those combination of orange and cobalt/blue colors is extraordinary stunning!

I do LOVE the last one photo immensly much,Anya,dear.....
HOW fantatsic and beautifulis your hat and this yellow dress and ALL in this scene.....interior,decor,styling are wonderful!!!

Many,many,many thank's for share your beyond fantatsic experience Anya:)))*

I look forward for all your new posts.....

I wish you a wonderful summer, filled with special experiences,creative ideas and just beautiful days!!!

Much Love,always yours

VM Creation Atelier said...

Аня,дорогая,прошу прощения за не достаточно хорошо прочитанный Ваш последний пост!

Мне безумно хотелось отреагировать абсолютно на все предоставленные Вами фотоработы здесь...
Как я могла упустить ничего не сказав о втором фото с Вашей креацией ´´Паллет´´!!!
Снова вернувшись и перечитав Ваш пост,решила еще раз оставить комментарий.

Фоторабота ``Catkeeper``заставила меня пересмотреть все самые малейшие детали в этой ехтраординарной фотографической работе фотохудожника Miss Aniela,фантатсика-красота глазами фотохудожника!

Еще раз СПАСИБО Вам:)*


Pawanjit Kaur said...

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