Friday, May 10, 2013

Te Hats Of "The Little Black Jacket Exhibition" - Classic Revisited.

 I thought of blogging about the hats of "The Little Black Jacket Exhibition" for a long time but somehow just never managed to do it. The exhibition traveled the Globe last year and became one of the most talked about events in fashion photography. The exhibition was created by Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld and consisted of the photographs of famous people wearing Chanel's little black jacket styled in the variety of ways and photographed in black and white only. I loved the aesthetics of the photo shoot, the drama of it and, of course, hats and head pieces that were used to create a reference, a connection to the original idea. I have several favorites  pictures in the series: I adore image featuring Carine Roitfeld and Natalia Vodyanova, I thought that the entire look was about their personality, I did not feel any disconnect between what they were wearing and the character.
 When "The Little Black Jacket" traveled to Russia, buro24/7 decided to welcome what is now a legendary Exhibition by styling their own photo shoot as an independent addition. I loved every single image of it (4 last photographs of this post). The idea that one single piece of clothing can be styled in such a variety of ways, with some being subtle and some very dramatic,  creating  possibilities for every mood is beyond attractive. I am convinced that it is not how you wear the jacket itself but what kind of hat you wear with the jacket creates a stunning result. So, in the end, it is always about a hat! The exhibition became a beautiful illustration to this statement in my opinion.So which image is your favorite?
 Leaving you with the selected images of The Exhibition and wishing everyone wonderful weekend and a very Happy Mother's Day! :-)

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