Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What Is On Your Inspiration Board Right Now?

 Every now and again I like to share with you my inspiration points. :-) The Inspiration Board in my Atelier is always full of images, letters, swatches, tickets even and all things that usually inspire. This time is a bit different though:this time my inspiration comes from so many directions that even I find myself a bit confused. This past few weeks I spent working on the variety of very ethnic hats from Spanish Montera hat to multiple variations of  Scottish Glengarry caps inspired by Walter Scott. I find myself drawn to the darker, edgier images, clean cut lines, monotone colors and at the same time find myself  absolutely crazy about fuchsia and red, teal and deep raspberry color combinations.
 I love to surround myself with beauty and if you are to walk in my Atelier right now the first thing you would notice is the giant (and I mean it) bouquet of fuchsia peonies. Every Spring Ray sends a fabulous bouquet of peonies and it always surprises me. The aroma of peonies fills the Atelier to the very ceiling it seems. Walking in first thing in the morning it is impossible not to get inspired. The second thing you would notice is hundreds of Swarovski crystals in an amazing array of colors. I needed a very specific pallet of crystals for one of the hats I am working on right now and was lucky enough to find them in France. Yellows and fuchsias, blues, greens with so-called glacier effect is one scene to behold!
 A I am preparing to photograph editorial for my newest Collection, not a day goes by that  Atelier doesn't receive packages coming from all over the globe with wardrobe and costumes and all sorts of different props. This is my 5th Collection, a mile stone of a sort and I intent to celebrate it in a very special way. Details of this celebration I will share with you a bit later. Today, I am leaving you with spectacular set of images that inspire me today. From Jean Paul Gaultier's feathered crown, to the creatures of the deep see and Dior Haute Couture, I hope it will inspire you as much as it inspires me. :-) Wishing everyone beautiful week ahead. :-)

All images are courtesy of Vogue.com, Kareva Margarita, Inez Van Lamsweerde, Armani Couture.

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VM Creation Atelier said...

Dearest Anya,

I have completely dived into your inspiration board into your world....

It does me very much pleasure and gives me beautiful moments,thank you SO very much!
How much i can learn about your interests,dear Anya;-)*

Your creativity in your mind is NON STOP!
I wish to you a beautiful week ahead,

Much Love,

I look forward to your new post....:-)))*