Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Announcing My Millinery Presentation As An Official Part Of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week New York SS 2014, Lincoln Center.

 It feels a little bit strange coming back to blogging in the middle of the Summer, but as promised earlier, I am back to share some very exciting news with you. After months packed with intense work, planning, designing, spending time in grueling meetings, photographing editorial and Collection and making what felt like million decisions, I have received an official confirmation sent to me by IMG Mercedes Benz Fashion Week New York board, notifying me that I have been included in the official schedule to present my newest Collection of Couture Hats titled "Confessions" SS 2014 during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week SS 2014 this coming September in Lincoln Center. Took a little bit to digest the realization that I have made the cut. I chose to run Millinery presentation/installation which will last one hour against the choice of presenting my Collection on the runway due to much shorter presentation time. It is hard to wrap my mind around the simple fact that my "Confessions" will be the first presentation by American Milliner as an official part of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York in decades. Great honor to be making fashion history next to the iconic names of the greatest designers of our time.
The last time Milliner presented during Fashion Week in New York was in 1998 when British Milliner Philip Treacy showed his first Collection in New York. The presentation of "Confessions" is scheduled for September 11th of 2013 in THE BOX Pavilion of Lincoln Center. My phenomenal PR team is currently working on the mile long list of invitees. The presentation of "Confessions" will be open by invitation only. Speaking of Invitations, above (top image) you see one of the hats of my new "Confessions" Collection I named "Shocking"  - in the most favorite color of Elsa Schiaparelli: shocking pink . She has been such a big influence, presence and  inspiration in my work for many years that when the time came to select a head image for  my Invitations and supportive image for official press releases, I did not think twice of choosing the "Shocking" hat as a tribute to great Elsa. In the weeks to come I will share more details and little secrets, inspiration behind "Confessions" and much more. Today, I feel like the happiest person alive and it is very difficult to contain this joy. Those of you who had a dream that, at one time, seemed as unreachable as Mars and who worked countless hours of countless weeks, months and years to achieve it, will know exactly how it feels to find yourself standing right in the middle of it. Sending you much love and see you back here very soon. :-)


Natalia | Fashioned by Love said...

Anya, congratulations!!!!!!! I smiled ear to ear as soon as I read the announcement. Simply fantastic.
Also reminded me of your post from a few years back when you were so disappointed with the way the millinery part was presented during NYFW. How things changes and how incredible that you are going to be the best of the best! So proud of you.

VM Creation Atelier said...


How much a very exciting feelings here by....!:)*

Just a very proud of your beautiful desighns,that you are a first woman in Amerika since so much time ago with your gorgeous work on NY Fashion Week as a Milliner!!!

And OMG....Anya,how breathless fantatsic is your new pink beautiful hatfrom your new collection!!!

Oh,I look so forward to your new posts with another details about your busy,busy time.....:)))*

Thankyou so much for share your wonderful creations here!

Sending to you my warm virtual hugs from Amasterdam,

Always yours,

Violetta Cordes-Medvedeva said...

Аня,дорогая,прекрасная Аня!

Поздравляю Вас от чистого сердца,и от всей души с Днем Рождения!!!

Вы талантливы во всем! Пусть только самое хорошее,светлое и по-настоящему прекрасное повсюду сопровождает Вас:)*

Я прочла эти слова в интернете и мне очень симпонировали они,именно по отношению к Вам и ко всем творческим по природе натурам.

From the fullest of my heart,Congratulations,dearest Anya!:)))*

''Do you ever wonder
At the wonder of it all?
Do you ever stand in awe
of the tiniest things
and how perfectly they work together?
Do you ever stop to think
about all the possibilities
and how even though they have no limit
they grow in number with every minute?
Do you ever wonder
when the leaves flutter down in autumn
at the incomprehensible power of life
that brings them back in spring?
Do you watch the waves roll in
and then look out far beyond them
where the water seems to touch the sky
and realize
that the vast expanse before your eyes
is only a small little corner
of all there really is?
And do you comprehend that all there really is,
as unimaginably grand as it may seem,
is only a smaller corner still
of all that there can be?
Do you ever wonder
how love can stay alive
past every pleasure and every pain
and even when there can be no hope
there is more than ever?
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without even trying?
Do you ever realize that
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there will always, always be more?
Do you ever wonder
why it is you wonder
and why you know what beauty is
even though you can't define it?
Do you ever wonder
who is doing the wondering,
who is looking out through your eyes
and feeling completely by
at home
with the wonder of it all?
Whatever you believe,
whatever you profess,
whatever you doubt or fear or hope for,
there are some things
your heart cannot deny
when you let go
and let yourself know
the wonder of it all''.

by Ralph Marston

Tracy | Chief Princess said...

It's sure to be divine. Brava.