Friday, September 13, 2013

Anya Caliendo MBFW SS2014 Backstage Beauty: Our Official Beauty Sponsors Bobbi Brown Pro, The Prive and Patricia Yankee.

 As we are still recovering from the excitement of the "Confessions" presentation at Lincoln Center this past Wednesday, I decided to start sharing with you the experience of the production of the Millinery Show starting from backstage beauty moments, atmosphere, our fabulous models, guests and the presentation itself. We have images and press coming from all directions and I am happy to say that the Presentation was more successful than I could imagine in my wildest dreams. As a matter of fact, I think I am still dreaming.
 I have to admit I really did not have a very clear idea on what will happen after the show and so realization that the final part of this entire production would be me sitting at my computer day in and day out responding to press and buyers inquiries is somewhat of a relief welcomed after weeks of intense work. I wrote countless times how important the choice of models and choice of make up especially for millinery shows. All attention are on the hat and the face of the models. I was thrilled and honored to work with three outstanding teams on the make up, hair and nail beauty production with our amazing official MBFW sponsors: Bobbi Brown PRO, The Prive and absolutely phenomenal Patricia Yankee.
 You, guys, have made intense, time constricted pre-show prep so much easier for me and my team. Thank you for that, it was such a great experience starting from our preliminary meetings for make-up and hair trial to the final result. I knew I could trust these professionals without any questions asked because every detail, every slight deviation from the half tone of the make up, nail polish, eye shadows was a matter of great importance to all. I believe that each detail matters because at the end the result consists of details. And the result was phenomenal. THANK YOU, guys! Below you will find photo report from Anya Caliendo MBFW SS2014 backstage beauty. These images, photographed by my trusted photographer Ed Hafizov, will give you the idea of what was happening backstage just few hours before our Presentation.

Our fabulous model Anastasia wearing "Bitten. The Love Bug." dress designed by Leonid Gurevich.


VM Creation Atelier said...

How excited post,dearest Anya!...
I can almost feel the rising tension and atmosphere there....
SOoooooo happy for you and so curious to see more details from your new challenge!!!

Oh,this dress of Leon is amazing!:)*
Really NEW life from NYFW with Anya Caliendo,just brilliant!

Much Love,

lallu chic said...

Anya! Despite everything- not enough words to desribe- the fact that YOU ARE STILL DREAMING means THAT THEY LOVE YOU!!! And remember how we were sitting and your main thought above all was: Will they love me or will they hate me? :-)
Here you go! YOU ARE THE ONE AND ONLY! And I was one of the priviledged ones to be trained as a lion in the cage. :-) Thank you and KEEP DREAMING! Not many people can ;-)

La Petite Gallery said...

Congratulations, this was fun. I grew up in a Hat shop in Texas, My Momma was a model for hats in NYC in 1930.