Thursday, September 19, 2013

"Bitten. The Love Bug" Hat, Anya Caliendo MBFW SS2014 "Confessions"

  "Bitten. The Love Bug" hat by Anya Caliendo, dress by Leonid Gurevich, MBFW SS2014 "Confessions"
Introducing "Bitten. The Love Bug" hat, the center hat of my SS2014 Collection "Confessions", one of the most difficult hats I have ever worked with and ultimately the top favorite hat of the "Confessions" Presentation at MBFW SS2014 New York. Embroidered with hundreds of Swarovski crystals in ruby red, fuchsia, siam and blood red, it created such sensational effect on the crowd during Presentation that it became almost impossible for some guests to try to come closer to our center model, beautiful Anastasia, to see it as close as possible.
 "Bitten. The Love Bug" hat by Anya Caliendo, dress by Leonid Gurevich, MBFW SS2014 "Confessions"
It took almost 12 weeks to complete this hat, but once it took its shape I knew that this is exactly how I envisioned it from the very beginning when the first preliminary sketch was born. "Bitten. The Love Bug" is the ultimate fantasy on the subject of love. Love can be sweet,gentle and calm, but it can also be vial, sick, aggressive, intense, unbearable, almost completely disabling... I knew that everyone who will look at it will have their own associations with the subject of love based on their own experiences and memories. And I was right. The images of the "Love Bug" are the most requested images by press after my Presentation, many shared the opinion on what it represented to them and each opinion was different from the one before with only one exception: "the piece is extraordinary".
     "Bitten. The Love Bug" hat by Anya Caliendo, dress by Leonid Gurevich, MBFW SS2014 "Confessions".
Today I decided to take a much needed day off, the first full day off in months, away from the Atelier to enjoy a little bit of what left of sunny Fall days. As the Fashion Week moves from London to Milan and than to Paris I am waiting with excitement to see the millinery magic of Europian runways. Wishing everyone beautiful Thursday! :-)/Photo by Ed Hafizov and Dan Leca.

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VM Creation Atelier said...

Anya,dear,dear Anya!

It's really difficult to describe my feelings about your extraordinary creation.........
I try to find more words by:
This is absolutely magical piece of Art!
Such a very beautiful colours you have chosen.
I think how many houres you have to create this hat...?!

Amazing piece of Art!:)*


Wish you and your family beautiful Sunday:)*

Much Love,